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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter March 2011
In this issue...
-- Lilo is Growing
-- Sales Are Up, Up, Up!
-- New Leases
-- 50% Savings On Wyndham Condos
-- March Madness Special
-- In Closing ...

Lilo is Growing
Lilo Thought you might like to see a picture of Lilo. As we reported last month, Allan bought a new Border Collie, and she is growing rapidly and taking over everyone's hearts. Lilo shows every indication that she will be a great cattle dog. Allan loves training Border Collies to work cattle and sheep and hopes to buy a male in the near future to start a breeding program.

Sales Are Up, Up, Up!
As we reported last month, we are renting a new warehouse starting today, March 1st. We are actually still waiting on the new 12 ft by 16 ft walk-in freezer, but it shouldn't be much longer. We are very excited about this expansion because it will allow us to become even more efficient in our shipping and order fulfillment, have an expanded and more organized storage space, and give us enough freezer capacity to maintain our inventory at a level that will adequately meet our growing demand.

Our sales for the first two months of this year are double our sales for the same period last year. With an ever expanding customer base, along with our many faithful long-time customers, GrassRoots continues to grow and prosper. We have so many plans for growing the business that our heads are swimming with ideas. Thank you all for contributing to our success.

New Leases
We have had a very mild winter in Pagosa this year, even though Wolf Creek Ski Area continues to get enough snow to make it one of the best skiing experiences in Colorado. The temperature is warming up nicely and it looks like the pastures will be coming on sooner than in the past few years. That is very good news because Allan is always anxious to bring the yearlings up from Oklahoma and get them going on the lush, high mountain grasses as soon as he can. It was quite cold in Oklahoma for awhile this winter but the animals have faired well and are in good health.

We secured a new 5 year lease in Oklahoma which will allow us to double our herd over the next few years, something we need to do to insure that we have enough meat to fill the growing demand. We also have a new lease in southern Colorado that gives us a place to go in spring with the yearlings, before the snows melt in Pagosa. Allan worked hard over the last few months to secure these leases and with them the future of GrassRoots Meats looks very good.

50% Savings On Wyndham Condos
For the month of April we are offering 50% off on the rental of any condo at Wyndham. This is particularly exciting because they closed down about half their condos in February for a complete remodeling - new carpets, ceramic tile, granite counter tops, paint, and new furniture. AND we will upgrade you from a one bedroom to a 2 bedroom at no extra charge. That means you can get a 2 bedroom with a Murphy bed that sleeps 6 comfortably for $338 for the entire week!

This is a great opportunity to visit Pagosa Springs during one of the quieter times of the year and avoid the crowds at our wonderful geomthermal hot tubs. Wolf Creek Ski Area will be open every day until April 10th, and possibly on weekends after that, depending on the snow. The fishing should be great on the area lakes, or the San Juan River that runs through town. Don't miss this opportunity for a fun, relaxed week in Pagosa. Remember, don't call Wyndham as this offer is only good through us.

March Madness Special
We're not mad, we're just crazy here at GrassRoots Meats. And to prove it our March Madness Special has 40 pounds of meat for the crazy low price of $269.00, including freight. That's right. For any of you folks living within a 3 day UPS Ground shipping radius of Pagosa we will pay the freight!

You will receive a Rump Roast, 2 Chuck Roasts, 1 Eye of Chuck Roast, 2 Briskets, Top Round Steaks, Bottom Round Steaks, 5 pounds Beef Stew Meat, 5 Pounds Ground Beef, Beef Ribs, Lamb Loin Chops, and a Whole Chicken, for a total of 40 pounds. Stock up now - you won't see this one again any time soon.

In Closing ...
Allan and I feel that blessings are chasing us down. We pinch ourselves from time to time to remind ourselves that our good fortune is real. We don't deserve to be so blessed, but then that is why God sent His son - so that we might be blessed despite the fact that we do not deserve it. We are a living testimonial to that fact. May you share in those blessings as you continue to partner with us. Thank you all so much.

Lois, Allan, Lisa & Family

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