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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter September 2010
In this issue...
-- September in Colorado
-- New Restaurant
-- We Have Chicken!!!
-- Lamb Availability
-- Did You Say FREE FREIGHT?
-- In Closing ...

September in Colorado
This year promises to be an especially beautiful time in Colorado. After a very nearly rainless June and July, August brought abundant rains and the grasses grew tall and greened up quickly. With good rains the changing of the colors this fall should be gorgeous and the berries should be plump for picking.

The cattle have been doing very well, growing fast and fat on all of this wonderful grass. Allan has not had to rely on the irrigation water much, which makes life a bit easier for a very busy grass farmer. We have been taking some pretty awesome animals in for processing this summer and have a very good supply ready for our always busy fall season.

New Restaurant
We have found a perfect match with a new restaurant right here in Pagosa and we did not have to use eHarmony to do it. The Pagosa Brewing Company & Grill is Pagosa Springs' award-winning brewery, recommended by Sunset Magazine, National Geographic and The New York Times. They have a cozy tap room and dining room as well as 10,000 square feet of tree-covered beer garden with a festival tent boasting a full sized-stage and a professional lighting and sound system. This charming pub features a "made-from-scratch" food menu that now specializes in locally grown GrassRoots Meats burgers to compliment 15 taps of their local brews - a perfect marriage of food and drink.

Next time you are in Pagosa Springs you will surely want to stop and have a burger at the Pagosa Brewing Company. The burger is served with Gorgonzola cheese and caramelized onions - mmmmm. Quite the treat and a tasty presentation for a great burger.

We Have Chicken!!!
We have teamed up with Troyer Poultry out of Olathe, Colorado, and can now offer you free range all natural chicken. However, at this time all that is available are wings, livers and hearts. The wings are packaged in 2 1/2 pound bags, and the hearts and livers are each packed in one pound bags, give or take.

We can testify that they are absolutely delicious. Troyer gave us some special pricing and for now the wings, livers and hearts are all $2.99 per pound. That is about half price of what they will be in the future, so be sure to take advantage of this pricing while our supplies last. The chicken is not on the website order form yet so to order just give us a call or email us and we can get the chicken out to you. I would suggest you combine it with a beef and/or lamb order for freight cost efficiency.

Lamb Availability
We will have lamb ready to order the end of this month and as our supply is limited I want to suggest again that you get those orders in so you are in queue when they are ready. If you have expressed interest in the lamb over the last few months please know that is not an order and we do not have that information on file. Please email or call us with your exact order.

This first crop are Border Leicester lambs known for their sweet meat and also their lovely pelts. We are thinking about having the pelts tanned for wall or floor rugs and were wondering if any of you might be interested. The wool is fairly long and white and should make some fabulous rugs. Let us know if you might be interested in one and we will put your on a list and notify you when they become available in a few months.

GR T Shirt & Caps This month we are offering an incredible value - our September FREE FREIGHT Package for $379.00. The free freight offer is limited to folks within a 3 day shipping radius of Pagosa Springs. We can ship this package for free as far west as California, as far south as Texas, as far north as Wyoming and much further east than we imagined possible so if you are not sure contact us and we can look up your town.

In this amazing offer you will receive at least 2 packages each (and possibly more) of Filets, New Yorks, Ribeyes, Top Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Chuck Eyes, Top Round, Bottom Round, and Kabob, as well as 1 Rump Roast and a 12 pound box of our amazing Burger Patties, for a total of at least 35 pounds of meat. In addition you will receive a GrassRoots T Shirt or Ball Cap (your choice) AND a bottle of my Rich & Savory GrassRoots Meat Spice - all for the amazing price of $379.00 including freight. When you order just ask for the September FREE FREIGHT Special.

In Closing ...
We have enjoyed our Farmers Market in Pagosa Springs so much this summer. Being able to visit with new and old customers is so encouraging to us. Our gift store is having its best year in 21 years of business, which just proves that God 's economy is not the same as man's economy. Being so busy, however, made our summer zip by so fast that we are literally wondering what happened and how could it possibly be September already. We are taking our daughter Lisa, son-in-law Garrett, and our three grandchildren to Orlando the end of this month for a much needed vacation. We hope that you also have been blessed with busy times this summer, but also time to rest and relax. God rested when all of His creative projects were completed and we need to do the same. May you also find a place of peace.

Lois, Allan, Lisa & Family

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