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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter April 2010
In this issue...
-- Win a Vacation in Pagosa
-- Ground Beef Recipe Contest Winners
-- Check Out Our New Website
-- Meat Supply
-- Grill Pan
-- April Specials
-- In Closing ...

Win a Vacation in Pagosa
Want to visit Pagosa Springs? Enter within the next 7 days to win a one week stay in a lovely 1 bedroom condo, with a sleeper sofa for the kids and a complete kitchen and laundry, for any week between now and May 23rd. Check in on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Need more beds? Just bring an air mattress! Email your entry today. Just say "I would like to win the trip to Pagosa!"

This is not a gimic! Allan and I own a Wyndham timeshare and we have a week here in Pagosa that we are not going to use. There are no obligations. You will not be subjected to any Wyndham sales presentations - unless of course you agree to it. You only have 7 days to enter, so email us today - "I would like to win the trip to Pagosa!" The winner will be notified on April 8th.

Ground Beef Recipe Contest Winners
The first place winner was a unanimous choice by our elite group of judges - Allan, Lois & Lisa. Congratulations to Bettye and Greg Chalk of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for your recipe for Lebanese Cabbage Rolls. You will receive 10 pounds of our delicious Ground Beef free with your next order.

The second place winner was not as easy, so we decided to have four second place winners! Congratulations to Fran Jenkins, Christie Blankfield, Amy Hall, and Eleanor Schnose. You will each receive 5 pounds of our Ground Beef with your next order. If you would like to see the recipes, check out the Beef and Lamb Recipes page on our website. Thank you to all who entered.


Check Out Our New Website
We are so excited about our new Blogsite! If you haven't checked it out yet, please do so. Be sure to register so you will receive the latest blogs and updates via email. We actually already received a few blogs and were quite surprised and excited to see how the blogging thing is going to work. We love how much fun it will be keeping in touch with you.

We made a number of changes that we hope you like. You will be able to access the newsletter on the website now. The Pricing pages are easier to use and understand, and the info about How to Order is much better. We added two new pages - Meat Quality/Genetics and Personalized Service in an attempt to help you to understand our operation even better, and updated the other Why GrassRoots? pages as well. I worked on the Cooking Tips page, and hope to improve it even more over the next few months. If any of you who would like to add to the Testimonials we would greatly appreciate it. Just enter your comment and we will get it posted. I hope by next month we will have an online order form (just a form, not online checkout!) on the website as well. We will blog you when it happens. So kick up your heals and let's start blogging!

Meat Supply
It has been a fairly difficult winter here in the Rockies, and getting our animals to the processor has presented some unexpected challenges. At the present we are out of a number of cuts, including New Yorks and Boneless Rib Steaks. Believe me, it is a very frustrating situation. However, we should be completely back on track and ready to ship all cuts by April 19th.

That being said, I would like to thank all of you who have placed orders and been willing to allow us to substitute other cuts of meat for the unavailable cuts. You are the best, and your patience is both encouraging and humbling. For some reason God sends us only the best! Thank you so much.

Grill Pan
A couple of weeks ago I picked up a pan for cooking vegetables on the grill from Bed Bath & Beyond. It was quite inexpensive, and I immediately thought how perfect it would be not only for vegetables but for fish. Then I realized that I could also grill fajita meat that was already sliced and marinated, which I did last night. First I grilled the onions and peppers, then quickly cooked the meat, and had perfect fajitas in just a few minutes. The charcoal flavor on the vegetables took it over the top.

So that is my tip for the month - a vegetable grilling pan from Bed Bath & Beyond. Let me know if you come up with any great ways to use it that we can share.

April Specials
WIth our meat supply being what it is, it was kind of hard coming up with a special for the month. But it's time to get out those grills again, and for your fajitas we are offering our Top Round Steak for $4.99 per pound, a savings of $2.00 per pound, and our Tenderized Bottom Round for $4.29 per pound, a savings of $1.70 per pound.

Love those Short Ribs? Normally $3.49 per pound, get them for $2.49 this month. That will save you $1.00 per pound. A nice, slow cook on these babies will yield a tender and delicious entree that is just waiting to be bathed in BBQ sauce. Yummmm!!

In Closing ...
Allan is busy moving animals from winter to spring pasture, and soon enough we will be returning to our summer pastures. Then the irrigating begins. Did I say irritating or irrigating? Both the same sometimes! But watching the grasses come on and the animals contentedly grazing nearer to home is such a blessing. And so are you. Thank you again for being part of our family.

Lois, Allan, Lisa & Family

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