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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter December 2009
in this issue
-- 23 Days Till Christmas
-- Boneless Rib Roast
-- FREE FREIGHT - UPS Ground Only
-- Mother Earth News Article
-- Just Eat Right
-- Meat For Christmas?
-- In Closing ...

23 Days Till Christmas
Here we are again, saying goodbye to yet another year even as we are anxiously shopping for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Many of us are already planning those holiday parties and family get togethers, with special emphasis on the food. Hopefully GrassRoots beef and/or lamb will be part of that holiday fare. While we would love to visit each and every one of you for the holidays (just think of all that great food!) we hope that our meat on the table can take the place of us at the table.

Boneless Rib Roast
Many of you have already placed your orders, but just wanted to let all of you know that once again we have our Boneless Rib Roast Primals (commonly referred to as a Prime Rib Roast) available. They run between 10 and 15 pounds on average.

We have a very limited supply, so please get your orders placed as soon as you can. The price is $16.19 per pound, 10% off the normal price of $17.99. As many of you have been ordering them for a few years now, we are kind of excited that our roast is becoming part of your holiday traditions. Very cool! Please share with us any special recipes or cooking techniques that you are using.

Our ground beef supplies are stacking up on us, so we want to encourage you to help us clear out the inventory by paying for the freight on your order of the Ground Beef Family Package - 40 pounds of our premium ground beef. This offer is only good for UPS Ground shipments. For those of you in areas where shipping Ground takes more than three days, give us a call and we will work out some kind of credit towards UPS 3 Day Select.

Mother Earth News Article
Many of you found us through, a wonderful website full of amazing information. Jo Robinson, the creator of the website and guru to all grass-finished meat producers, wrote an article for Mother Earth News last year that is an exhaustive treatise of the most relevant topics concerning grass-finished beef. If you have a few extra minutes and would like to read the article, the link is below.

What You Need to Know About The Beef You Eat

Just Eat Right
Can't eat meat? Too fatty, too many calories, too much iron, too ... too ... too much whatever? I would just like to say again, like the broken record that I can become, that when you eat meat that is raised the way God intended your body knows how to assimilate the fats and nutrients in a way that contributes to your overall health, not the opposite.

Grass-finished meat, compared with commodity grain-finished meat, is higher in Omega 3's, CLA, Vitamins A, C and E, and lower in saturated fat. Many of our customers who find that digesting other meat is uncomfortable and sometimes painful have found that because of the balance of saturated fat in our grass-finished meat it is easily digested. Your body knows how to utilize the meat to its best advantage just as the animal's body is able to utilize the grass it eats to its best advantage. It is just simple, good science.

Meat For Christmas?
One thing you might want to consider this Christmas is a gift of GrassRoots meat. We have holiday gift certificates available, or we can just ship a surprise package to that favored loved one. Chances are if you are enjoying our wonderful meat that someone special on your list will also.

It would probably be best to ship the week before Christmas because with the Christmas rush and so many packages the chances for delays increase. I would suggest that we ship on December 14th. However, with Christmas being on a Friday this year we will still be shipping on Monday, the 21st.

In Closing ...
2009 has been a year of many changes for our family, most of them good, all of them eventually revealing God's goodness. He has blessed each one of us in ways that clearly left His fingerprint, and for which we are extremely grateful. We encourage each of you to focus on your blessings in the midst of your troubles. In this way you will be lifted to higher heights, and in so doing the blessings of God can abundantly flow. We pray your holidays are the best ever and your families are healthy and whole!

Lois, Allan, Lisa & Family

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