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Ten Ways to Beat the Public Speaking Blues
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  Client Spotlight 

Outfitters4 is a full-service resource equipping nonprofits for success. Their services remove the burdens of routine management for nonprofits so that they can focus on their missions. Across the Horizons recently had the privilege of getting to know the Outfitters team during a business photo shoot. 

Pictured Above: Outfitters4 team shot  

Photos taken by Stephanie Richardson Photography and edited by Across the Horizons.   


Ten ways to beat the public speaking blues
Giving a presentation or speech is not only an honor but can provide the speaker with numerous benefits. It can provide recognition, serve a marketing purpose, build credibility, develop confidence, and much more. With so many positive outcomes then why is there such a negative connotation surrounding public speaking? Fear!

Numerous studies on fears have indicated that fears of public speaking always tops the list of most feared things, often even above death. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once pointed out and joked on this fact that many attendees of a funeral would rather be in the casket versus delivering the eulogy.

The absolute best way to bet the fear of public speaking is to be prepared on every level prior to giving a speech or presentation. Read our blog to learn 10 tips to public speaking preparation.


Contact us for more information about our speech coaching and presentation services..

Facebook Workshop for Local Authors 
If you are an author and want to utlilize your Facebook page to gain readers & clients, then join us on October 20 for our "Making the Most of Your Facebook Page".  This workshop is designed specifically for authors and teaches them how to optimize and utilize their Facebook pages for maximum exposure and results.

To learn more about the workshop and to register click here

The workshop will be offered in Winston Salem 
Why use Email Marketing & Constant Contact


One would think that with new media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs that email marketing is a thing of the past but this is far from true. Email marketing is a more intimate avenue because it allows you to target specific audiences. This gives your company the ability to pick and choose who will receive emails which makes it easier to build relationships with clients, while also building loyalty and trust.

Email marketing is data driven and can give you vital information to track your efforts. With every email campaign sent, data is automatically generated that can be used to refine your approach and messages.

Most importantly, email marketing can drive direct sales or inquires to your business. By using obvious links in your emails, you can send people to your website, downloads, and promotions. Remember, the purpose of an email is to drive traffic to a landing page, product page or website in order to gain clients.


If your company, like most is limited in time and/or budget, then we highly recommend using an email marketing service like Constant Contact.  Learn more about Email Marketing & Constant Contact

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