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Top 5 Reasons to be on Social Media
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Client Spotlight 

The movie Susie's Movie has launched the "Where's Susie?" campaign. The campaign allows for interaction with the fans as they send in photos of 'Susie's' travels.

Pictured Above: Susie made a new friend while traveling on the high seas

View all of the Where's Susie photos - click here.

Learn Susie's story and more about the movie - click here.  


Top 5 Reasons to be on Social Media

If your company still does not have a Facebook page or Twitter profile then read these top 5 reasons on why to sign up today.


1. Facebook alone has almost 9 million users and each one could be a potential client


2. Allows for creative ways to market products & services


3. Easily integrates with all of your online and email marketing efforts


4. Word of Mouth is the best marketing tool and Social Media allows companies to cast a wide reach for spreading their message


5. It's Free!


Across the Horizons can help you with all your social media needs from basic set up, to writing posts and even helping integrate it with your website, emails and online marketing efforts. To get started read our blog: What to post on your Facebook page.


Contact us for more information and pricing on our social media services.

Across the Horizons
In order to keep up-to-date in all the latest marketing & social media trends, Across the Horizons owners, Suzy Fielders and Sandy Harper, attended the Small Business Tour this Summer.

To learn more abo
ut the tour click here.

One of the top things we learned is trending now and extremely helpful to small businesses is cloud-based networks. For more information on clouds visit Cloud9 Real Time's website
SEO is Key to Placing Well on Google


In today's world the most used method to find a product or service is to search for it on the Internet. If a company's website does not show up on page one of Google (and other search engines), then they are missing out on a huge audience and numerous potential clients.


The better placed a company is on search engines the more likely they will be found by customers and less likely to spend large sums of money on advertising and conventional marketing efforts. A top way to get well placed on search engines first pages is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Numerous things effect a websites SEO from keywords, having an accessible website, titles & alt tags (photo descriptions), and even the presence and use of blogs and social media.


To get started a good in-depth SEO analysis should be run on the company's website. We can run these for any type of company and website. This analysis provides us with what is currently on the site and working and what is missing. From this we can then provide a SEO plan that is customized directly to a company's website & SEO needs. For more details contact us at    

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