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Sustainable Tulsa Newsletter               September 2012
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Mushrooms are useful not only as food and medicine; some are also being used in bioremediation; a method to absorb and digest dangerous substances like oil, pesticides, and industrial waste in places where they threaten the environment. 

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Sustainable Tulsa aims to educate and share in the process of developing a sustainability force through our volunteer program. Please see the list below of the many Sustainable Tulsa volunteer opportunities.


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'First Thursdays!'


Sustainable Tulsa also meets the first Thursday of each month at Elote Cafe and Catering, 514 S. Boston Ave., in downtown Tulsa. You will find us all the way in the back. We meet at 12:30 PM for lunch and from 1:00-2:00 PM we have a guest speaker and networking. Please join us!!


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Sustainable Tulsa promotes responsible economic growth, environmental stewardship, and quality of life for all. Sustainable Tulsa is working toward Tulsa being recognized as the leader in sustainability of the Midwest. Sustainability is the triple bottom line; the balance of people, profit, and planet.

Sustainable Enterprise Conference 

October 18th in Tulsa, OK 




Oklahoma State University will present its second annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference on Oct. 18 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tulsa. Attendees will gain several benefits, including the ability to learn about challenges and rewards of moving toward sustainability and network with participants facing similar challenges. Keynote speakers include Joanne Beatty, director of climate change and sustainability at KPMG in Dallas; Elaine Karnes, director of environmental services at Southwest Airlines in Dallas; Joy Lehman, global sustainability manager with Hertz in Park Ridge, N.J.; and Nancy Parmer, sustainability manager with the Customer Solutions Group at UPS in Atlanta. For more information or to register, visit, call the OSU Center for Executive and Professional Development at 866-678-3933 or email


First Thursdays!

Tulsa Recycles!


After more than four years of extensive research and citizen input,  the City of Tulsa will roll out a new volume-based, pay-as-you-throw residential refuse and recycling program to begin October 1.  This new service has been with great satisfaction from other cities and boasts several new features to include recycling, city-issued carts and a fair and balanced rate structure.  In addition, customers may choose from multiple service options to include cart size, frequency and location of collection services. To better explain all of the changes related to the city's new refuse and recycling program, Eric Lee, City of Tulsa Solid Waste Service Manager, will join us on Thursday, September 6 to discuss all aspects of the new program and address questions.


First Thursdays! with Sustainable Tulsa are free and open to the public and chance for you to network with your community and learn about sustainability happening in the Tulsa area. We have guest speaker each month on a variety of topics. This is also an opportunity to let others know about what you are working on! Come learn and share! We meet the first Thursday of each month at Eloté Café and Catering, 514 S Boston, Tulsa, OK. We gather at 12:30 for lunch and 1:00 to 2:00 for the guest speaker and networking. For more information click here or contact Corey Williams, 918-808-6576. Join us!


Thank you to Covant Energy

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Conserve and Save

Graham Branin, City of Tulsa Water and Sewer, PW Planning and Intergovernmental Administrator

We seemed to have entered the dog days of summer early again this year.  The hot and dry conditions have tested our personal endurance and that of our drinking water treatment plants.  Tulsa's water system has already pumped over 190 million gallons in a day to serve its customers.  Obviously, this is a good time for everyone to do what they can to conserve the use of water at their home.  The obvious largest water consumption is yard watering; everyone needs to do what they can to limit this use of water.

 The City of Tulsa is an EPA WaterSense Partner and supports water conservation.  The WaterSense website has a wealth of conservation tips that everyone can consider, just go to: You can even "Take the Pledge" and sign up to receive occasional tips by email.  The average American household wastes over 10,000 gallons of water per year from easy-to-fix water leaks.

So, what can you do today to find leaks at your home?  You can check your toilets for leaks by simply putting a few drops of food coloring in the commode (tank); if the coloring starts to show up in the toilet bowl, then you have a leak at your toilet.  Leaky faucets are easy to see and sometimes we decide to ignore them.  Take a look at all your faucets, including outside, and write down the location of leaks.  Now, make a commitment to fix them.

Another action to take is to check your water meter.  If all water using devices are turned off, your water meter should not be turning.  If the meter is running during this time, you have a leak in or around your house. This is when you need to become a detective to find that wasteful leak.  If you can't find it or the remedy is more than you can handle, call your favorite licensed plumber.  Remember, any faucet or showerhead change can be replaced with a WaterSense labeled appliance.


All conservation efforts you take will help the City, the planet, and lower your utility bill!