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to Watch

We support the efforts of other housing and employment innovators across the U.S.  In this space we will provide links to profiles on our website of communities we think represent the types of new models needed to meet the growing demand for adults with Autism.
This month, please check out:

An open platform for those who are interested in exploring, starting, and/or maintaining affordable housing solutions for those on the autism spectrum.
September 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to e-newsletter #6 from LTO Ventures. To the left you will see icons for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We invite you to "like" us, "follow" us, or just visit us on those social media channels.

We are raising funds to advance our mission. The yellow "Donate" button will take you to the Donate page on our website where you can make a contribution via credit card.  Every $20, $50, $100 or more is very important.

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Our Live/Work/Play Community Concept
Preliminary Site Plan Unveiled

To help people visualize what we mean when we describe our model of a live/work/play community for adults with autism, we recently unveiled a preliminary concept site plan.

Concept Site Plan 150x120 
Concept Site Plan (click to enlarge)


The  plan is based on a 20-acre site (we do not yet have a location identified, but our plan is to locate our first community in the Las Vegas metro area) that provides housing, jobs and a wide variety of social and recreational opportunities and resources for 100 adults with autism.


As this site plan is upgraded, we will post new images on our website

Our Fall Event Schedule - Come See Us

We will be exhibiting at several events in Henderson and Las Vegas this Fall. We hope you'll stop by and say hello.  We'd love to see you. 

Update on Autism Entrepreneurs Center

We've been busy meeting and planning the launch of our Autism Entrepreneurs Center with our collaboration partners including NV Voc Rehab, UNLV's Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Grant-a-Gift Autism Foundation and the Achievement Vocational and Life Skills Academy.


We will be talking with families and individuals about the Center at our Fall event appearances (see schedule above), and signing people up for our first Introductory Workshop.


The Workshop is a multi-session, low-pressure exercise adapted from a program pioneered by the BizWorld Foundation, a nonprofit organization created by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper. The highly-acclaimed BizWorld 3.0 simulation was created to give students an opportunity to learn the basics of business and entrepreneurship.   


For more information about the Autism Entrepreneurs Center, please visit our website here

How You Can Help
We are an early-stage company with an innovative model in a rapidly-growing market.  We are always looking for people, money and ideas in the areas below.  Call or email me if you think you can and want to help, or you have someone you want to refer/recommend.
  • Funding - We are presently raising a $50,000 "Groundwork" round.  Every $20, $50, $100 or more moves us that much closer to our goal of making this vision a reality.
  • Board Members - Visit the Careers section of our website for details on the characteristics of the people we would like to consider joining our board.
  • Advisory Board Members - We are looking for professionals in finance, tax credits, legal, planned community development, and fundraising to be part of a structured advisory board.
  • Subject Matter Experts - We always want to hear from people who have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas related to residential development, and employment of adults with autism.
  • Adults with Autism and/or their Families - Our best source of input and ideas comes from the persons and families who live every day with autism.  You are the people for whom we are creating our communities.
Mark L. Olson, President & CEO
LTO Ventures
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