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We support the efforts of other housing and employment innovators across the U.S.  In this space we will provide links to profiles on our website of communities we think represent the types of new models needed to meet the growing demand for adults with Autism.
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April 2012 Newsletter

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CMS Reportedly Backs Away From Proposed Changes to Community Living

An April 23rd post on the Facebook page for VOR, a national advocacy organization supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, said: "Reportedly, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has pulled back proposed rules that would have defined "community" using arbitrary factors such as size and schedules, rather than consideration of true measures of community, such as peers, services, and families." 


LTO Ventures has not yet been able to independently verify any action by CMS on this issue, but if the VOR post is accurate, we view this as a victory for ID/DD/ASD persons and their right to choose the residential setting in which they want to live.  


Read our white paper, "Choice v. Olmstead" for a complete analysis of the proposed changes and our position on them.

Jessica Campbell Joins Board of Directors

We are pleased to welcome Jessica E. Campbell Jessica Campbellto the LTO Ventures Board of Directors. Jessica is a board certified behavior analyst that specializes in applied behavior analysis and autism spectrum disorders. She provides behavior therapy, social skills programs, parent training, and IEP consultation for families affected by autism through her practice, P.A.L.S. Learning Center in Las Vegas. Additionally, as a sister of an adult living with an intellectual and physical disability Jessica has much compassion, respect and understanding for people with special needs, as well as their family members.

LTO Ventures at 1st Annual Summit of Agricultural Communities for Adults with Autism

LTO Ventures is pleased to announce that we will be participating May 3-5 as a member at the 1st Annual Summit of Agricultural Communities for Adults with Autism (ACAA) at Bittersweet Farms in Whitehouse, OH.  ACAA is a consortium of existing and prospective organizations that focus on sharing best practices and advocate for holistic, agricultural-based employment and housing models for adults with autism.


The LTO Ventures model is not a farmstead per se, but we see agriculture-related employment as a high-value source of jobs for our communities and the existing operators within ACAA have tremendous experience from which we can garner valuable information and insights.

How You Can Help
We are an early-stage company with an innovative model in a rapidly-growing market.  We are always looking for people, money and ideas in the areas below.  Call or email me if you think you can and want to help, or you have someone you want to refer/recommend.
  • Funding - We are presently raising a $50,000 "Groundwork" round.  Every $20, $50, $100 or more moves us that much closer to our goal of making this vision a reality.
  • Board Members - We are looking for candidates located anywhere in the US who buy into and are excited about the chance to make our community model a reality.
  • Advisory Board Members - We are looking for professionals in finance, tax credits, legal, planned community development, and fundraising to be part of a structured advisory board.
  • Subject Matter Experts - We always want to hear from people who have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas related to residential development, and employment of adults with autism.
  • Adults with Autism and/or their Families - Our best source of input and ideas comes from the persons and families who live every day with autism.  You are the people for whom we are creating our communities.
Mark L. Olson, President & CEO
LTO Ventures
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