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Understanding Liens and Garnishments
Is Branding Enough to Make Social Sell?
Strategies for Constructive Criticism
Qualifying the Right Business in Today's Economy
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Mastering the Design & Copy of Calls to Action

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Calls-to-action (CTAs) should be used in each and every one of your marketing tactics.


Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the key lead generation elements, and they should be used in each and every one of your marketing tactics: emails,
social media updates, press releases, trade shows ... the list goes on.  


In fact, whenever you want to ensure your team is moving in the right direction, pose the question, "What's the call-to-action we're using to drive people's


This question will guide you in thinking through each of the steps in the
sales cycle, from brand awareness to purchase.  


Before you produce a
marketing video, for example, ask yourself what you want viewers to do after watching it.  


Before you post an update to Facebook or Twitter, consider what
options for engagement you are giving to your fans and followers.


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Business Dictionary

Activity Decomposition Chart

What is Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)      


Project network-modeling step in which the entire job is graphically subdivided into manageable work elements (tasks).


WBS displays the relationship of each task to the other tasks, to the whole and the end product (goal or objective).

It shows the allocation of responsibility, and identifies resources required and time available, at each stage for project monitoring and management.

Also called activity decomposition chart.

Hints & Tips


Dedicate Time to Promote Your Business   


It can be overwhelming trying to figure out a large-scale strategy to bring new customers to your business.


Our advice? Set aside 1 hour per day to promote your business.


During that time you can easily: make phone calls, update your online profile, add keywords to your website, ask for referrals, hand out fliers, or send a direct mailing.

You might be surprised at how much visibility you can gain from 1 hour of focused promotion efforts each day.
Nicolas Azar
Nick Azar is Managing Director/Partner of Azar and Associates, a full service business consulting and executive coaching firm specializing in the dental industry.  Visit our website, or E-mail Nick.


The Dental Post's

Credit & Collections - Understanding Liens and Garnishments 


This article explores what you need to do to enforce your claims after you have gone to court to enforce a debt. It describes the operation of liens-claims against property of the debtor-and garnishments-a legal process of attaching the debtor's property such as bank accounts, accounts receivable or wages to satisfy your claim.  


Garnishments are typically used after you've won in court and need to reach debtor's assets.




A lien is a legal claim that comes into effect by operation of the law. A lien attached to property and can create serious legal consequences. In many cases, a creditor who holds a lien can have property sold to satisfy the lien.  


Consequences of Liens
A lien is merely a claim until it is enforced. However, the mere presence of a lien can have serious consequences. For example, the presence of a lien attached to real estate will normally make the property unsalable until the lien is removed. Buyers normally want to avoid buying a property with a lien. For this reason a title insurance company will not insure the legal title of the property with an outstanding lien. 


If the owner did not pay off the lien, the creditor can force the matter be executing the lien and having the property sold. Although filing a lien is complicated, it is generally less complicated than going to court and suing. For this reason, the use of liens can be quite effective. Filing a lien vary depending on the state in which you live. You should consult a local attorney for help in enforcing a lien. 
Read the full article.  


Social Media Marketing - Is Branding Enough to Make Social Sell?

If you want to make social media sell for you, take action on the materialistic truth: Branding is rarely executed as a consistent, reliable process. Branding is not enough to make social sell. Nor is B-to-B branding-or its "social cousin," engagement-consistently able to produce customer leads. Direct response must be built in to the 
campaign for leads and sales to manifest. It doesn't "just happen" thanks to our friends branding and engagement.

Customers Expect Proof, Upfront

Customers are buying when the business behind the content is willing to prove effectiveness of the product or service (in some small but meaningful way) before purchase. This is so important you might want to read it again.  


Here's the rub. In my experience, branding and engagement prove little to me, the customer. Branding and engagement usually fail to solve a problem that brings me closer to the purchase as part of a clearly defined process. 


Think about how you use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc., in your life. Do you buy based on what you see on social media? You're probably not buying based on sentiment very much any more. In fact, you're likely buying less based on how engaged marketers think your are, more based on what they'll prove to you up front!   Read more. 

Managing People - Strategies for Constructive Criticism

Criticism. We've all given it, received it, and possibly even detested it. But constructive criticism is essential for everyone in the workplace, especially as a manager or leader. It lets people know where they are and where to go next with expectations and goals - yours, their own, and the organizations..


The main objective in giving constructive criticism is to provide guidance by supplying information that either supports effective behavior or guides someone back on track toward successful performance. In doing this, it is absolutely crucial to know when and
how to give the most effective criticism you can.

When is it a must to give a constructive criticism. Here is when:
  • Ongoing performance discussions.
  • Providing specific performance pointers.
  • Following up on coaching discussions.
  • Giving corrective guidance.
  • Letting someone know the consequences of their behavior. 
Here are some clues that constructive criticism is needed are when:
  • Someone asks for your opinion about how they are doing.
  • Unresolved problems persist.
  • Errors occur repeatedly.
  • An employee's performance doesn't meet expectations.
  • A peer's work habits disturb you. 
Read the full story. 
Sales & Customer Relation -  Qualifying the Right Business in Today's Economy


"Companies need to spread a broad, but reasonable net for prospects, but adopt a laser focus when it comes to qualification. When every deal counts, as it does in today's tight budgets, no one can afford to throw extensive time and resources at a dead-end."
Jim Steele. President, Salesforce.com.



Healthy Funnels Begins with Healthy Opportunities
Chances are if you're a sales professional you're already familiar with the idea of a sales pipeline, or sales "funnel." The funnel is a useful tool for organizing specific sales opportunities by their probability of resulting in a sale.

Sales professionals should have a structured methodology for taking the qualitative guesswork out of moving sales opportunities through the funnel.

View the sales funnel as being composed of distinct levels of account activity. These levels are defined as: Universe, Above the Funnel, In the Funnel, and Best Few.

A healthy funnel reflects a proportionate number of opportunities at each level of the funnel. You should always have more opportunities at the top of your funnel than opportunities being closed at the bottom. This is because of the judicious filtering process required to move opportunities through your funnel.

The Universe is not as broad as it seems. Those accounts that have made it this far have passed through a fairly judicious filtering process. This is not the Universe of sales opportunities; it's your Universe of sales opportunities at a given time. Adding opportunities to your funnel that haven't been effectively qualified will reduce overall
productivity. Read more. 

To learn more about how you can apply the structured methodologies of selling using strategies and concepts, Azar and Associates conducts training workshops in cities throughout North America.
Call us today at (661) 810-2446 or visit us on-line at www.azarandassociates.com




Nicolas Azar - Coach & Consultant
Azar & Associates