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Why it doesn't pay to spend time chasing lost customers
Interview Tips: 5 Things you must do before the interview
12 Key tools to consider when building your Social Media plan
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Test Your Knowledge

Do you use your
time productively?

Time management is less effective if it doesn't make you more productive.

So how do you rate?

Test your knowledge by answering True or False to the following statements:

1. Never fax or e-mail if you can telephone.

2. Anything that can be delegated should be.

3. Taking phone calls as they come is more effective than returning them later

4. You should prioritize every action that needs to be executed for the day.

5. To maximize productivity, fill your entire work day with activities you intend to accomplish.

How you did on this quiz? Click here to find out. 

Business Dictionary

What is acid test ratio?  


Key measure of a firm's liquidity, it answers the question "Can this firm meet its current obligations from its liquid assets if suddenly all sales stop?"


More stringent than 'current ratio,' it excludes inventories (typically the least liquid of current assets) to concentrate on the more liquid assets of the firm.


Usually an acid test ratio of 1.0 or higher is considered satisfactory by lenders and investors.


Also called acid ratio or quick ratio. Formula: (Current assets - inventory value) / current liabilities.


Hints & Tips


Hold On to Those Electronic Files 

If you decide to have your logo, sales collateral or website designed by a professional, be sure to ask if you can keep a copy of the files after the project is complete.

If you decide to make edits later, and you can't track down the original designer, you may have to pay to rebuild the files somewhere else. 

Nicolas Azar
Nick Azar is Managing Director/Partner of Azar and Associates, a full service business consulting and executive coaching firm specializing in the dental industry.  Visit our website, or E-mail Nick.


The Dental Post's

Why it doesn't pay to spend time chasing lost customers - Customers who reduced spending are a much better target.

You know the drill. A customer defects and management wants all the stops pulled out to keep the business.

But chasing lost customers may not be worth the efforts. It's far more effective to focus on customers who are slowly spending less with you as time passes. Read the full article.


Interview Tips: 5 things you must do before the interview

Selecting and hiring the perfect employee is a difficult task, but if done right, it is one of the most important moves you can make for your business. In an economy like todays, there is no room for bad hiring decisions! And the interview process plays a key role in hiring the best candidate for the job.

Interviewing is an art, but few people are artists. We've all been there: as anxious job candidates, we researched the prospective company, prepared resumes, perfected our elevator speech and dressed in the perfect business attire. But believe it or not, conducting the interview takes just as much, if not more, preparation and skill. And effective interviewing skills only come with practice, experience and know how.

Here are five imperative things to do when preparing for the interview to avoid bad hiring decisions:

  1. Schedule a time and location: You need a private area, free from interruption where you can talk with applicants. Decide on time in advance and stick to it.
  2. Remove any disk of physical barrier: Try to set besides the person being interviewed, or use two chairs together at a small table.
  3. Read all paper work on the applicant: Including cover letter, resume and application. Once you've identified the critical attitudes, develop questions and based on the notes decide what question to be asked during the interview. 
  4. Review the job description: This will help discuss the requirements, qualifications and specific responsibilities of the job.  
  5. Prepare Interview question: Ask these questions consistently as you conduct your interview. This will be helpful as you compare and evaluate candidates.

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12 key tools to consider when building your Social Media tactical plan?

The successful social media tactical plan includes the tactical objectives to be used to accomplish two primary goals of social media:
  • Increase unique traffic to x.com, and
  • Convert anonymous traffic to known visitors 
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Here are 12 of the most common social media vehicles that can be used to promote your premium content to your site known visitors.
  1. Blog
  2. Social Networks - (Facebook, Hi5, Last.FM)  
  3. Microblogging - Twitter  
  4. Social Press (Bloggers)  
  5. Widgets  
  6. Bookmarking/Tagging - (Del.icio.us, Blinklist, Simpy)  
  7. Crowdsourcing/Voting  
  8. Commenting/Forums/Wikis/Rating and Review sites - (Wikipedia, Wikia)  
  9. Online Video - (YouTube, Flickr)  
  10. Photo Sharing - (YouTube, Flickr)  
  11. Podcasting  
  12. Presentation Sharing
To learn how you can build, and implement a very effective Social Media plan, call Azar & Associates at (661) 810-2446 to schedule an appointment, or visit us online. 

Did you know?



The Department of Labor (DOL) released the "DOL - Timesheet" application back in May 2011. This free app enables employees to easily track their hours worked and the wages they earned. In addition, at the touch of a button, employees can e-mail an attachment containing a summary of their hours worked and their gross pay calculation.  



This can be e-mailed to their employers and/or to the DOL. Since it can be e-mailed to the DOL, some have surmised that this will make it easier for employees to file claims against employers for wage and hour violations.     



Chere to learn more about "DOL - Timesheet", and download the free app.

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