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Weigh Scale Modules
Case Study - Water Treatment Plant
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Product Spotlight: Single and Dual Weigh Scale Modules for MicroLogix and CompactLogix  


Weigh scale PLC Plug-in moduleHardy's single scaleHI 1769-WS and dual scale HI 1769-2WS weigh modules read weight and diagnostic data from one or two scales, then communicate it over a back plane to Allen-Bradley® MicroLogix™ 1500 and CompactLogix™ controllers. Both modules reduce installation time and system costs, as the system needs no external wire to the PLC. The dual scale module also saves space since two modules are integrated into a single scale package.  
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Case Study:  Weight Control in Water Treatment Plant

Solution for City Municipality reduces costs by automating water

treatment process


A city municipality was using a system for processing the effluent that flows into the water treatment facility, and determined the process to be costly and inefficient.


The cost to run the system in terms of electrical usage, and wear and tear to the equipment was unacceptably high. The City was looking for a solution that would not have to be run continuously, thus reducing costs and wear and tear on the equipment.


See the solution and read the entire Case Study.  

TECH TIP - Will cutting the load sensor cable affect C2 calibration accuracy?


How does cutting the load sensor cable on an Advantage Load Point affect the accuracy of C2 Calibration? Learn the formula you need to use to calculate your weighing data error.Hardy Load cell


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