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Hardy Process Solutions provides localized field service for all users of Process Weighing instrumentation. We can perform service on most manufacturers' systems, not just Hardy's. We can help you with system installation, verification, calibration and certification. We also provide emergency troubleshooting and service, on-site training and routine preventative maintenance and inspection.

You can contact our Technical Support group for more assistance with your application by phone or email anytime. 1-800-821-5831 or Hardysupport@hardysolutions.com  



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First Class Support at your Fingertips
New HI 4050-CW Checkweighing Bundle
Hardy White Paper
Case Study - C2 Calibration
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New Product Spotlight:  HI 4050-CW Check Weighing Bundle

New Check Weighing Bundle for OEMs

Hardy Process Solutions' new OEM bundle for up to 250 packs per minute CHECK WEIGHING application consists of a new version of the HI 4050 weight transmitter plus a digital sensor point (load cell with integrated mounting kit). It is a perfect fit for both static or dynamic check weighing.
The Hardy Digital Sensor Point is designed for industrial applications requiring a fast, accurate and repeatable response to change in weight conditions. With no moving parts and laser welded assembly, the hermetically sealed DSP is rated to IP69k will provide a robust and long lasting solution to the most challenging environments.  Read more

Hardy White Paper: Five Factors that Can Affect your Weighing Accuracy
5 factors whitepaperLoad cell accuracy, load factors, environmental forces, interference with signal transmission, and system components can all affect your weighing system's performance. Read how these Five Factors can affect your weighing system's accuracy and ultimately your bottom line. 
Download your copy now!

Case Study:  C2 Calibration without Test Weights

Solution for steel company saves downtime and increases safety 


At their large ship unloading docks a major steel company unloads large amounts of coal for their steel manufacturing operation. After the coal is unloaded into the massive hoppers in the structure, conveyor belts transfer the product from the hopper to the staging area in the facility.
In order to track the amount of product transferred, they need to weigh the amount of coal loaded into the hoppers and conveyed to the fields. Because of the size, location and capacity of the hoppers, they need a way to calibrate their system without creating excessive downtime or jeopardizing the safety of their personnel.


See the solution and read the entire Case Study.  

TECH TIP - What is Hardy's embedded Web Browser?

Webtech Question:  Hardy advertises a Web Server or Web Browser. What is this and how is it used?

Answer:   Hardy's HI 3000 series (HI 3030 and HI 3010) and HI 4000 series (HI 4050 and HI 4060) all have a built in web-browser. This built in browser allows you to access the instrument through the TCP/IP port from a laptop or desktop computer. The HI 3000 and HI 4000 series also has an EIP option available that enables the TCP/IP port so you can communicate to your PLC, remote desktop or laptop computer.

Once you connect with your HI 3000 or HI 4000 instrument using the built-in web-browser, you will have full capabilities of configuring your instrument. This allows you the capability to set all the parameters that determine how your instrument will operate, including calibration. You can also access mapping necessary to setup communications between your instrument and a PLC, computer, or even other instruments.

With this ability to access the instrument over the TCP/IP Ethernet port, if properly setup, you can access your Hardy Instrument from anywhere in the world. This allows setup and troubleshooting of your Hardy Instrument from the comfort of your home or office.  Read more and see a demo.

As always you can contact our Support department with any questions at Hardysupport@hardysolutions.com or 800-821-5831

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