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August 2012
Hung Liu Studio Newsletter

Based in China, Gold in Vienna, Ketchum, Feminist Art Journal

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Welcome to the Summer 2012 Hung Liu Studio Newsletter. It features the artist's current exhibition at the Gail Severn Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho, as well as a significant group show, "Based in China," at the Ernst Barlach Museum in Hamburg, Germany. Hung's work was also exhibited in show called "Gold" at the Belverere Museum in Vienna, Austria - it was filled with art that had gold in it. As always, there are visitors to the studio and sojourns out (a trip through Nevada to Idaho). A major new essay appears in Feminist Studies by Rebecca Jennison - well researched and clearly written. We also offer a few more images of paintings derived not from historical photographs, but from patriotic stories in Chinese "picture books," or xiaorenshu, from Hung's childhood. 



Based in China
Ernst Barlach Museum
Hamburg, Germany
June 24 - September 23, 2012


Based in China




Mothers & Daughters
Gail Severn Gallery, 
Ketchum, Idaho
August 3 - September 26, 2012


































Ophelia, 2012, mixed media & resin, 40 x 40 inches


These new za zhong (bastard paintings), created at Trillium Graphics in South San Francisco, were selected because of their evocation of a mother-daughter theme. This sense of matrilineal time is encoded in the matriarchs, courtesans, and peasants depicted in these glistening works, and it is embedded in the layering of Gold Leaf, passages of traditional painting, images from historical photography, and hand-painted, present-tense improvisations and accents. As a body, these new za zhongs look especially elegant in Gail Severn's bright and spacious galley, its windows open to Mount Baldy to the west, and the ever-present light of Idaho.
Mu Nu 
Crane River, 2011, mixed media & resin, 41 x 62 inches



Mountain Lady II, 2012, mixed media & resin, 36 x 78 inches


HL talk

Artist's Talk, August 4th




Belvedere Art Museum
Vienna, Austria
March 15 - June 17, 2012



This large-scale exhibition at the Belvedere Art Museum in Vienna is devoted to gold as a precious metal and its use in contemporary art, and highlights developments from ancient times to the present day, displaying works by Willi Baumeister, James Lee Byars, Sylvie Fleury, Richard Hamilton, Yves Klein, Imi Knoebel, Hung Liu, Emil Orlik, Victor Vasarely, Franz West, and others; it impressively illustrates that in contemporary art the use of gold has no limits in terms of theme, form, and style.







Hung & friend
With Gail Severn in Ketchum, Idaho

Gail & Friends
At Hung's opening: Benjamin Wood, Gail Severn, Theresa Castellano, 
Hung Liu, Jeff Kelley

On the road in Nevada with new daughter-in-law, Juan Yu

In Reno, Sara Frantz and Bill Fox

 Allan & Hung 1994
With Allan Kaprow in his Encinitas studio, circa 1998

Studio Teaser
Paintings in Process ...


Hung Painting 2012 III

Hot Off the Press



Feminist Studies

Painting Life Back into History:

Hung Liu's "Hard-Won" Feminist Art

by Rebecca Jennison  



Resident Alien 


That lives are made and unmade at the intersection of history and memory is a theme that guides Rebecca Jennison's "Painting Life Back into History-Hung Liu's 'Hard-Won' Feminist Art." In this passionate discussion of Chinese American artist Hung Liu's work, Jennison invites us to engage the complexities of this intersection. Drawing on in-depth interviews and a sixteen-year love of the artist's work, Jennison examines the prominence that the thematic concerns of history, identity, citizenship, and memory hold for Liu. Liu's own border crossings of national and political systems, coupled with her own fractured sense of belonging in both China and the United States, have all inspired many of her well- known pieces such as Resident Alien, Strange Fruit, and Where is Mao? For Jennison, Liu's art is emblematic of what it means to see "history as a verb"-a phrase that Liu uses to evoke history as a living artifact that "is always flowing forward." Sensitive to this dynamism in Liu's art, Jennison explores both the inter-temporality of Liu's work and the power of her creative voice to recraft history and memory. Jennison's discussion reveals an artist who demonstrates a profound commitment to ensuring that women's voices and memories will eventually comprise what we know as history.


Suzanne Raitt and Michelle Rowley, for the editorial collective 








American Art: Smithsonian American Art Museum

an interview with Hung Liu by Joann Moser

American Art



Leap: The International Art Magazine of Contemporary China

a visual history and commentary by Phil Tinari






Contemporary Chinese Art:

Primary Documents

edited by Wu Hung


Contemporary Chinese Art


This MOMA publication brings together, translates, and contextualizes primary documents that are pertinent to a deeper understanding of recent artistic practice in China, but which were not previously available in the English language. Hung Liu is featured in the text.





Hung Liu: Great Granary

(Tai Cang  太倉)

Wu Hung

essays by Xu Bing, Sui Jianguo, Yu Hong, Liu Xiaodong, Li Songsong, & Wei Lin


Xin Beijing Art Gallery, Beijing 

Timezone 8, Beijing


Great Granary  




Books available at Timezone 8 and


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