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Salt Lake City 
We are proud to tell you that we have furthered our quality of services to you by having our head tehcnican complete a 3 day training course for LiteTouch in Salt Lake City on the last week of January and we look forward to sharing his new expertise with our new and exisitng LiteTouch clients this year. 


Crestron ProdigyProduct Update: Crestron Prodigy

Crestron just announced the P-CBDEX and the P-KPLEX, two new wireless keypads that connect directly to the Prodigy home control system. That means there is absolutely no need for any type of gateway. 

That's because all Prodigy control systems, such as the new PMC3 and PMC3-XP, feature a built-in wireless gateway. No separate network is needed, making for a cleaner, easier installation process - especially for one room installs, renovations and smaller budgets. 

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hi tech bedWell I Never: Hi Tech Beds 

Do you love to watch movies, Google and listen to iTunes from your bed?  Ever considered a Tech Bed?!  A few novelty companies have created beds that have features like:

  • Built in speakers
  • TVS
  • Projectors
  • iPad/ iPod docking stations
  • Lighting
  • Projection Screens
  • Touch screens Read more

ipad mounted Must Have Crestron App!



Do you have a Crestron System? Do you have an iPad or an iTouch? Do you know that we can give you custom fun control over your system with these apple devices?  The great thing about the iPad is you can get the cool factor of the sleek tablet with games, music, email, photos and other apps combined with a extra control remote for your home!  We can create customizable screens specifically for your system that are both cool and functional. 

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Go Wireless with LiteTouch 

Retrofit lighting control is in growing demand, and LiteTouch Wireless offers a rich and powerful lighting control system for whole-home retrofits and remodels. This new consumer-oriented Lite Touch Wireless brochure offers excellent product education on system features and benefits; an enticing presentation of LiteTouch's beautiful retrofit keypad style; plus user-friendly Idea Book & Planner consumers can use to begin planning their own retrofit installation.


Click here to download the Idea Book and contact us when you are read for a site visit and consult.