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Green procurement and the need to report Scope 3 GHG emissions will boost demand for product lifecycle assessment (LCA) software, according to industry analyst Verdantix. But are LCA projects delivering sufficient business value?

Until recently, you would have been hard-pressed to find comprehensive, rigorous and easy-to-use LCA software for food/beverage products. And there were no commercial-scale lifecycle inventory (LCI) databases for North American food production. So food LCAs were expensive and time-consuming, with questionable return on investment.

We set out to change that by developing from the ground up the FoodCarbonScope TM LCA software along with the largest North American food LCI database. With these powerful and yet accessible tools, we are now ready to help you create your own innovative sustainability solutions.

FoodCarbonScope software

FoodCarbonScope sample outputCustom demo
If you are interested in taking a closer look at FoodCarbonScope, we can give you a live product demo over the web. We'll even go a step further and prepare a free custom demo based on one of your own food/beverage products. We can tell you what data we'll need from you (under NDA) and the results are yours to use.

Free consulting

With purchase of your first license, we'll provide free consulting to make your first product LCA successful -- and help make an expert out of someone on your team.

Analysis services

SolutionsFood/beverage product LCAs
If you would rather have an outside expert run all the analysis and generate a detailed report, we provide efficient and affordable product LCAs to assess carbon, water and energy footprints.


Food company environmental assessments
We can do a similar cradle-to-grave assessment of entire operations for food processors, cafeterias and restaurants -- including all supply chain (Scope 3) impacts and waste.
Waste reduction and other optimizations 
We can identify potential areas for improved environmental performance and cost savings, run alternative "what-if" scenarios to evaluate optimizations, and deliver a report comparing alternatives and recommending specific actions.


Let us know if you have questions or comments about any of our work, or if you are interested in our software and service offerings. We do much more than food LCAs -- please visit for details. 
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