to our newest Flight Attendants!
Republic class Jan 2012

Just a quick note to let everyone know that yesterday our Chautauqua class graduated with 23 new Flight Attendants, and today we had 35 Flight Attendants graduate at Republic!

We're so pleased to have these great Flight Attendants as the newest members of IBT Local 135's Airline Division and Republic Airways.

Their base assignments have them scattered all over the country but if you see any of these smiling new faces, be sure to say hello! I had the opportunity to meet all of them last week and I was very impressed with their professionalism and contagious enthusiasm for the job. Just meeting them gave me a much needed recharge and a reminder why we keep doing this very important work! They are a great group of people, please welcome them to the family!

Congratulations Republic and Chautauqua class of January 2012!

At your service,
Nicole Zimmer
- Chief Steward
and all the Stewards and volunteers of           fa
IBT Local Union 135


Chautauqua Graduates, January 26, 2012

Terri Billings, Deborah Brodfuehrer, Paisley Bryant, Mary Chriszt, Natalie Clay, Matthew Davenport, Julanne Dwyer, Heather Espinoza, Claudia Goad, L'Tanya Goldsby, Kimberly Howard, Theresa Mullins, Tiffanie Pearson, Hannah Reinke, Dana Ridgeway, Emily Roberts, Hope Rodrique, Angel Rodriquez Torres, David Rosenberg, Brandon Spears, Rebecca Spitulski, Marielena Streveler, Adriana Whitting


Republic Graduates, January 27, 2012

Tammy Banser, Delia Beed, Pamela Butkus, Loan Cat, Holly Cirrincione-Mills, Tamara Davis, Jamie DeFord, Kelly Farrell, Tara Gamble, Elizabeth Greaves, Brigette Harden, Latanya Harris, Patricia Hughes, Robin Johnson
Aurora Kiser, Deborah Lanigan, Darla Lyon, Joshua Manse, Cristian Maysonet, Terri O'Connor, Seth Parshall, Kelly Phillips, Eva Poole, Suronda Ricketts, Virginia Romano, Janet Rossiter, Ward Royal, Christel Schrems, Craig Shattuck, Melissa Shelton, Cathy Simmons, Laura Strauch, Joseph Tompkins, Vanessa Ward, LeAnn Yunt