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  Sept 2012    



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HoardersWatch the season premiere of Hoarders on A&E this Monday, Sept 10 at 8pm CST.


The ladies of M2O were a part of the NAPO-Chicago organizing team on this episode! Keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of us hard at work on this national tv show.  



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"You changed my life."

~Kathleen of Chicago, IL

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Berry Nutty Summer Salad
Berry Nutty Summer Salad
With the end of summer, comes the end of berry season. So let us indulge in the goodness of these amazing fruits and refresh our taste buds on a hot summer day.
No matter which berries you use, we guarantee the taste will be delightful!


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~M2O Services List~


"O Your Home"  

- Home De-cluttering & Staging

* Starting at $150


"O Your Office"  

- Office Organizing   

& Paper Management 

*Staring at $170


"O Your Move" 

- Packing & Unpacking

*Starting at $300


"O Your Party" 

- Party Planning,    

Event Management, Registration 

*Starting at $130


"O Your Life" 

- Errands, Design-a-Date,
Gift Purchase & Wrap 

*Starting at $35


Virtual Coaching 

- Skype Organizing Sessions

*Starting at $40



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Hi there!  

According to Wikipedia, a checklist is a type of informational job aid used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task. A basic example is the "to do list."   


This definition makes us want to have a checklist for everything! And why not? Just do a little research and you'll find that there is a checklist for just about anything. Or skip the research and read the article below. We found some of the best and most useful checklists for you!   


If you're on the go like we are, you may want to simply download an app which helps you keep track of all of those things you've got to remember to get done. Well, we've given you a guide to that too!


Check in with us on Facebook for motivation and ideas and a community of folks like you who are passionate about organizing. You can also sneak a peek at our blog and all of our other social media for more information and inspiration.  


Take advantage of our offer this month. We're taking $50 off our 10 hour errand running package. Think of it like time in your pocket! You know what they say, "Time is money". 


10 Benefits of Making a To Do List

  1. You won't forget what you're supposed to do.
  2. Get back on task quickly.
  3. The joy of crossing off completed tasks.
  4. Planning in advance decreases stress.
  5. Feel more "in control".   
  6. Ability to better manage time. 
  7. Increase your sense of accomplishment.
  8. Platform to prioritize your goals.
  9. Get more stuff done thoughout the day.
  10. View your life at a glance! 
Handy Checklists for Any Occasion
To Do

Vacation Packing Checklist from Mission 2 Organize

Back to School Checklist from SchoolFamily.com

Simple Customizable Checklists from PrintableChecklist.org

Top Cleaning Checklists from Real Simple

Funny Wedding Checklist from Going Bridal

Barbecue Checklist from Checklist.com

Moving Checklist from Martha Stewart

Party Planning Checklist from Better Homes & Gardens

Resume Checklist from Monster

Ball Up That Paper List & Go Virtual

In the age of smart phones, keeping your to-do list on your handheld just makes sense. After all, your list does you no good if you don't look at it regularly. And we know some of you out there are attached to your phones like us! Try one of these alternatives to yo mama's old ripped up piece of paper and always have your list on hand.



Orchestra WunderlistReminders

It seems like forever ago that Mission 2 Organize was only an idea. Something that we worked on and brainstormed about in our spare time. 
During those early sessions, we talked about how we wanted to be "everything" for our clients. Their party planner, organizer, office assistant, date planner, and personal assistant. Like a Fairy Godmother!

Fortunately we have been able to do just that. Our clients start by booking one service. Once they get to know us and trust us, they use another service, and then another service.
People have so much on their plates these days. We are honored to remove some of the burden for them. Part of that is errand running. You'd be surprised the type of things people ask us to do for them!

Well, we challenge you to bring it on. Try us out with our 10-hour package, specially priced this month. You may get so addicted, you'll be trying all of our different services too.   


If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us or contact us through our website. We always welcome your suggestions and comments. Thank you for your referrals!


    At Your Service,

The ladies of M2O

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$50 off
10 hrs
Errand Running

Balancing work life, family life, social media, and everything in between can be a challenge. Let the ladies of M2O lighten the load by doing your everyday errands. We'll pick up your dry cleaning, take your car to the mechanic, ship a package for you. Just think of the possibilities! This month you can purchase our 10 hour package for only $300. 
Offer Expires: September 30, 2012                                            *Mention coupon when booking.