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How 2 Plan a Barbecue
How 2 Plan a Barbecue


Join us on Schae's balcony for another How 2 video from M2O!
Whenever you're planning
a barbecue (or any event) for more than 10 guests, you'll want to have a grocery list, a schedule, and this video on repeat.

Explore different organizational techniques that, together, will allow you to get everything in perfect order, inspiring your guests to invite you to
their next gathering!


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Testimonial of the Month


Wow! Talking about exceeding expectations!! Schae and Bahar coordinated my Networking/Birthday Luncheon event. Thank you both SO much for making this such a memorable ocassion!

~Cindy W.

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"It's no sin
to get sauce
on your chin." 

~Bishop Tutu

Featured Recipe
Bad Ass Baked Beans
Bad Ass Baked Beans
This rich and flavorful side dish is always a huge hit at our summer barbecues. It's relatively easy to make, with only a few ingredients needing to be chopped and a few cans needing to be opened. We love one pot recipes and this is one that will have your friends and family calling you a bad ass cook!


Try all of our recipes!   


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Hi there!  

We absolutely love to barbecue! There is something so satisfying about seeing the grill marks on juicy meats and fresh vegetables. The barbie is a brilliant way to add a ton of flavor to your next meal. 


Just like everything we do, having an organized barbecue will be simple after reading through our May newsletter and watching our latest How 2 video. We are proud to have guest writer, Lindsey Kunz, talking about how to add vitamins and minerals to your grill grates.   


This month we are featuring an "O Your Party" discount! Check out the details of the offer at the bottom of this email or book your custom party online right now. View some of our "O Your Party" pictures and you'll see why you can count on M2O to rock your next event.     


Be sure to join us for all kinds of organizing tips and discussions on our Facebook fan page. We even host fun contests for cool prizes, so "like" us today! You can click on a social media icon in the yellow box above to connect with us in a variety of different ways. 


BBQ Essentials   


BBQ Apron   Grilling can be a messy affair, so make sure you are prepared with a full sized apron. Having one of these will save your clothes from barbecue sauce and charcoal streaks. Be sure you get one with pockets for things like your cell phone, your lipstick (ladies), and BBQ tools!


Grill BasketThis is one of our favorite grilling accessories. This basket holds foods as thin as asparagus and as thick as chicken wings. Plus everything locks in tight for easy flippin' barbecuing!


Charcoal Chimney Eliminate the need for lighter fluid with this Charcoal Chimney Starter. Fill the chamber with coals, stuff the bottom with paper, light the paper, and wait about 20 minutes for the perfect fire to cook your best grilling grub.  


BBQ Spatula It's recommended that you never pierce the meat on your grill. It could lose all of it's juices and dry out! Flip your food instead. With it's long handle, this tool is perfect for the grill. You can flip your burgers without burning your fingers.  



BBQbin  Keep all of your grilling essentials in this one handy, sturdy carrying case. Because it's waterproof, you can even store it outside next to the grill! They are sold in a variety of gift sets or you can build your own kit.     


Taste the Rainbow  

by Lindsey Kunz  


Another BBQ season begins to knock on patios, stirring the flame in every grill. Bring together some of nature's colorful creations in a menu inspired by freshness. Choose fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, loaded with disease fighting properties, and packed with fiber.      


Appetizers are a great way to welcome guests to relax and unwind. Fruit salads or individual fruit cups satisfying hunger pangs and sweet cravings. Top off this year's BBQ with a sultry red mixture of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and grapes. Menus consisting of appetizers should include bruschetta. Top off a small piece of toasted baguette with fresh plum tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. Don't forget to drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Every BBQ must also have a generous supply of guacamole. Add some zest with a squeeze of lime.                    


Favorite veggie entrees, such as veggie kabobs, start with skewers and freshly washed vegetables. Take a skewer, slide on cubed zucchini, yellow squash, purple onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms. Coat veggies with lemon juice and grill to desired level of tenderness. For additional sides, coat carrots and asparagus in EVOO along with salt and pepper and wrap in tin foil. These veggies will cook quickly and taste delicious! As for those who desire starch, throw on some sweet potatoes and cook until they slide out of their skin.                  


Lemon meringue pie, key lime pie, and lemon bars are a few of the best citrus desserts. It is also hard to resist a warm blueberry or blackberry cobbler. Fresh fruit tarts are self serving with delight and grilled pineapple or bananas will keep tummies cozy!


It was just one month ago that we mentioned our desire to be on television, working as professional organizers. Since then, we both worked as part of the organizing team on A&E's Emmy nominated Hoarders!!
What an exhilarating experience it was! We're used to working as a team of 2, but the excitement was amplified for this special job. With 5-7 organizers, 6-8 1-800-GOT-JUNK guys, a production crew of 8, and 3 days, we made some pretty powerful changes for this client.

It is unclear when this episode may air, but when we find out we'll be sure to announce it on our Facebook fan page. Some of our supporters have expressed their belief in our vision for our company. For that, we are so grateful. We believe in the power of positive thinking and this example only serves to prove it.   :-)

We will take this experience and use it as we continue to grow as a team, a business, and as the best of friends. Your perpetual support will only serve to fuel even more brilliant achievements for M2O. Can you imagine what's next?!


If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us or contact us through our website. We always welcome your suggestions and comments. Your referral is the biggest compliment you can give us!   


    At Your Service,

Schae & Bahar

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