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How 2 Organize Crafts
How 2 Organize Crafts


If you have ever had a craft of any kind, you probably know that they usually come with a lot of "parts". Keeping all of those little pieces organized can be challenging. In this video, we give you some tips to help you keep control of your crafty scraps.


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Do not get your hair done at a fancy salon, skip that appointment with your psychotherapist. Instead spend some $ on something that gives you a sense of peace. Get organized with Mission 2 Organize!"

~ Heather S.

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Tuna-riffic Casserole

Casseroles are one of the classic American comfort foods. They're usually really easy to make too! This tuna casserole is no exception. Whip it up in a jiffy and serve your family a hearty meal that will satisfy the whole bunch!


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Specializing in hand made custom cabinetry, MK Cabinetry can build you a craft room storage area that will have you in awe. With cool lighting so you can see every detail of your project and a ton of surfaces to choose from, you'll want them to build your next closet too!   


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- Home De-cluttering & Staging

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- Packing & Unpacking

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"O Your Party" 

- Party Planning   

& Event Management 

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"O Your Travel" 

- Custom Travel Planning

*Starting at $70


"O Your Gifts" 

- Gift Purchase & Wrap

*Starting at $35


"O Your Life" 

-Design-a-Date, Errands,
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- Skype Organizing Sessions

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Hi there!  

Think crafting is a ladies-only topic? Don't be mistaken. Men have "crafts" too! Think model airplanes, barbecuing, and car repairs. It should not be taken for granted that we can all use our hands to create the variety of works of art called crafts.


Time spent crafting is usually considered relaxing or stimulating. It's something we do for the pleasure of it. We could always use more of these precious moments in life! Use the crafty tips in this newsletter to make crafting fun and not frustrating.


If you craft room or any room in your home needs to be organized, you're in luck. It's time for an "O Your Home" discount! Check out the details of the offer at the bottom of this email or book your organizing experience online right now. Want to get inspired? View Before & After pictures of projects we've completed and see the results for yourself!   


WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Let us know what organizing tips you want to know more about. Tell us about the organizing projects you are tackling by yourself at home. Post pictures on our Facebook wall and we'll give you a few ideas! Connect with us online in a variety of ways. Click on a social media icon in the yellow box above to get started. 


4 Simple DIY Craft Storage Ideas   



Picture Why not reuse the coffee tins, tea canisters, and the like? Give them another life by wrapping them in gorgeous wrapping paper, secured by glue or double-sided tape. Keep your tools and trinkets organized with style!



 Talk about creativity!! Store smaller   

amounts of ribbon in Tic Tac containers.
It's always helpful to have a clear container so you can see the contents without opening it. This is a HUGE time saving tip!



We love this clever way to wrangle sewing thread. No more searching for the end of the thread when it's always clipped in the tip of the clothes pin. Brilliant!



Picture This pictures shows spices in these jars, but you can do the same thing for your beads. Paint the lid with chalkboard paint so you can label and easily identify different stones.  



Re-craft Your Home   

by Lindsey Kunz  


Springtime brings forth renewal, rebirth, and rekindling.  Crisp blades of grass carry the morning dew and flowers emerge overnight.  Nature's beauty is truly inspiring!  It is the season to engage in creative aspirations.  Let this inner stirring unleash in a craft room.  Crafts such as scrap-booking or re-crafting have never lost their classic allure. Channel your springtime energy into some of these projects!  


Reduce your pile of pictures, magazines, or old books and put the frame-worthy pieces into a scrap book!  Spring forward into a new direction.  Create a vision board with inspirational pictures, quotes, or things that capture your desires.  Gather pictures or sentimental memorabilia to define a period in life that can't be expressed in words.  Or join the digital craze and make a Pinterest page; share your visions with friends!


Reusing old household items can add a classic home and garden feel for city dwellers.  Use old jars to make homemade candles or candle holders.  Gather fresh leaves or flower petals, let them dry, and glue to the jar for a natural illumination.  Turn jars into soap or lotion dispensers.  Decorate with beads, tiles, or natural elements.  Use old tea canisters to make candles or plant some herbs and display in the kitchen window. 

Turn old tin cans into lanterns to light your porch.


Crafting is a classic tradition; crafts bring out our inner child.  Never lose your childhood innocence!      

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything." - William Shakespeare  


We sometimes daydream about the day when we have M2O franchised and we have our own show on HGTV. We talk about how we'd still go out and organize people's homes and parties...because we love it! It's a huge sense of accomplishment for us and very rewarding to see the results and appreciation of our clients.  

We also appreciate the openness of our clients. Organizing someone's home or paperwork is a very personal processes and we don't take that for granted. The trust our clients put in us means the world to us. We want you to know that you can count on us; to treat you and your possessions with the utmost respect.  


If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us or contact us through our website. We always welcome your suggestions and comments. Your referral is the biggest compliment you can give us!   


    At Your Service,

Schae & Bahar

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