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"O Your Home"
~ Home De-cluttering & Staging
Starting at $100

"O Your Office"
~ Office Organizing
Starting at $120

"O Your Travel"
~ Custom Travel Planning
Starting at $50

"O Your Party"
~ Event Planning
Staring at $50

"O Your Gifts"
~ Gift Purchase & Wrap
Starting at $30

"O Your Life"
~ Design-a-Date
& Errands

Starting at $30

"O Your Move"
~ Packing & Unpacking
Starting at $130

Featured Recipe
M2O Recipes
Wheel o' Brie

Try this easy appetizer at your next party. In our experience, this is a winning treat that will have your guests asking how you
made it.

Quote of the Month

Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving. Make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!

~Amanda Bradley


Featured Business

Megan Beasley
about hosting your
next event at
Prime Steakhouse
& Wine Bar
in the heart of downtown Chicago.

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"O Your Party" ~ Holiday Events Issue

Tis the season for holiday parties. Whether you are having your
own or simply attending someone else's party, a holiday event
is sure to be in your future before the year's end.

Mission 2 Organize is available throughout the season to make
your next event a rousing success. Let us help you plan your family gathering and business celebration by securing a dedicated caterer, decorating in your holiday theme, setting a festive ambiance,
and /or managing event-day activities. With M2O by your side,
this will be a stress-free season. We have even included
a special offer when you book event planning services this month!

If you have the extra time to plan your own event, we have filled this newsletter with great tips you can use to make your event
THE party of the holidays. Watch our video which details fun ways
to illuminate your next event using candles creatively.

No matter which holiday you choose to celebrate, be sure to enjoy every minute to the absolute fullest. We wish you the safest and warmest holiday season spent with your family and friends!

Holiday Party Tips 

ChampagneTIP #1: Illuminate your event with candles.

TIP #2: Serve festive specialty cocktails.

TIP #3: Decorate tastefully.

TIP #4: Ensure every guest has a safe ride home!

Featured Video:
How 2 Decorate Candles

New Video

Candles add an element of ambiance to any room
they illuminate. In this video we showcase 5 easy
ways to spruce up the candles you already have for
the holidays and everyday.

No matter the theme of your party, candles allow
you to avoid harsh overhead lighting.
Your guests will thank you!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Entice All  of Your Guests' 5 Senses
Party Time! 
SIGHT - Be sure to decorate ALL of the areas of your event including the entrance, washroom, and even the kitchen.
SMELL - Add festive scents to your gathering by burning  candles or by simmering a pot of cider, orange slices, and cinnamon sticks on the stove.
SOUND - Create a playlist or cd of music based on the holiday and based on your guest list at least one week before the party.
TASTE - Stick with simple appetizers which can be made in advance, restocked easily, and that are easy for your guests to handle with grace.
TOUCH - Add seat cushions to your chairs for a comfy and cozy extra touch.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on all of
the things
in our lives for which we are thankful.
As we count our blessings, we would like to show
gratitude to all of our
clients and supporters.

We feel so fortunate to have your patronage. 


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Bahar & Schae
Mission 2 Organize LLC

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Free candles
Raw Candles
We detailed fun ways to decorate candles in our most recent video. Why not use some of the best candles available from Raw Candles? They are handcrafted in Chicago by the very passionate Kevin Lemel. Book your private or corporate holiday party with Mission 2 Organize before December 12, 2010 and receive a free votive candle gift box from Raw Candles.             Offer Expires: December 12, 2010