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Our newest 2:30 video takes you step by step through the process of turning that pile of paperwork into an easy-to-use hanging
file system.

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"O Your Office" - Paper Control
October 2010

The influx of paper into our homes is endless. Bills, Buried in Paperworkcoupons, advertisements, and important documents can clutter up our spaces unless you can create an easy system to handle it all. Let Mission 2 Organize help you control the chaos.

We have posted a new video to our YouTube page which shows you how to create a seamless system to file your paperwork. There are also some great tips below that you can use for papers in lieu of having a filing cabinet.

Our professional Urban Organizers are available to
put these systems in place so you don't have to. Rates start at $120 for office organizing, so don't delay. Schedule your office organizing session today!
Paperwork Solutions

 Use a 12 pocket file to save the years receipts.
Assign one month to each pocket and simply
12 pocket file
drop your receipts in the pouch accordingly.
When tax season comes along, you are sure
to be your accountant's favorite client!

Use a 3-tier filing tray to sort your incoming paper.
3 Tray FileOnly use this tray for paperwork you do not currently have a file set up for already. Be sure
go through this stack once a month, at the    beginning or end of the month, to avoid a messy pileup.

Shred all papers that detail sensitive information.
Protect your identity and personal information
by being diligent. Destroy any paper with your address, account number, credit card number, or social security number on it. Don't forget to recycle all of that shredded paperwork!

What sets M2O apart?

Unlike other professional organizers, Mission 2 Organize works in teams of 2. This means you get the benefit of ideas from two different Urban Organizers. Plus we are able to get twice as much accomplished in the same amount of time. And all of this for a fraction of what the others are charging!

"O Your Home"
~ Home De-cluttering & Staging ~
Starting at $100

"O Your Office"
~ Office Organizing ~
Starting at $120

"O Your Travel"
~ Custom Travel Planning ~
Starting at $50

"O Your Party"
~ Event Planning ~
Staring at $50

"O Your Gifts"
~ Gift Purchase & Wrap ~
Starting at $30

"O Your Life"
~ Design-a-Date, Errands ~
Starting at $30

"O Your Move"
~ Packing & Unpacking ~
Starting at $130

We look forward to serving you, your family, and your friends. You can reach us anytime on our website or by email. Please share our newsletter with someone who can use our tips or one of our many services. Thank you!
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