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September 2010
Life is filled with Errands.   Juggling Life   Embrace them!
"How 2 Organize
Your Purse" Video

New Video

Do you find yourself digging through your purse looking for things that are buried? Watch our newest video for tips on keeping a tidy tote bag.

These same tricks can be used for a "man bag" or for a backpack as well. Pass our video along to anyone in your life who can never seem to find what they need quickly enough.

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"On The Go
to the Rescue

Granola Bars

Here is a nutritious homemade option for those times when you are running out the door with little to nothing in your tummy and no time
to stop and eat.

"This is the most delicious granola bar I have ever eaten!" 
~ Bryan H.

"Any kid will run any errand for you, if you ask at bedtime." 

~Red Skelton

We do errands...

and so much more!
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"O Your Home"
- Home De-cluttering & Staging

"O Your Office"
- Office Organizing

"O Your Travel"
- Custom Travel Planning

"O Your Party"
- Event Planning

"O Your Gifts"
- Gift Purchase & Wrap

"O Your Life"
-Design-a-Date, Errands

"O Your Move"
- Packing & Unpacking

"O Your Life" with a new style

and a fresh cut from
Ryan Babbitt, stylist.

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It has been a busy summer for Mission 2 Organize and, we are sure, for all of you as well. Sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference when priorities are high.

This summer we created our own personalized To Do Lists. These lists help us juggle all of life's expectations. Below we have given you some ideas on how you
can develop your own list.

We have also found great relief in cleaning up our
email inboxes using filters. Having our emails filed directly to our folders rather than clogging up our inboxes really does make a difference. Learn how
you can do it too using our 3 easy steps.  

People have been commenting about our HOW 2 videos on YouTube. Thank you for all of your support
and subscriptions. This month's video takes a good
look at organizing the contents of your purse. Be sure
to pass it on to anyone who could use our tips!

Mission 2 Organize is here to organize
your Home, Office, Travel, Party,
Gifts, Move, and Life.

    Schae & Bahar
         Schae & Bahar
        Co-founders, Mission 2 Organize LLC
         Photo by Birkenheuer Photography

Get Control of Your Inbox
They come in fast and furious - 3 Easy Steps
O Your Life
There are a plethora of emails coming into our inboxes daily.
If you give out your business card frequently, you will
probably end up on lots of contact lists. Here are a
few tips to keep all this correspondence in check.

1.Create Folders - Think about the main types of emails you receive. Create some folders using categories that make sense to you. Common categories include Work, Friends, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bills. Then start opening emails and labeling them into the appropriate folder.

2. Clean Up - Spend some time going through your inbox. Start by opening those still unopened emails from 2 weeks ago. Think about why you never opened it.

Do you never want to read it? Just go ahead and unsubscribe to correspondence that does not interest you. It's only clogging you up. Another option is to create an alternative email address for "junk mail". 
Do you want to read it someday, just not now? Proceed to #3!

3. Create Filters - When done correctly, filters can be your best friend.
Automatically send your frequently received emails to their appropriate folder so you can look at them when YOU are ready. This step alone will free up your inbox immensely.

Your social media updates are the perfect type of email to filter. You may also want to filter emails from associations, clubs (like book clubs), or from your employer.

Be very careful when using your filters to automatically delete incoming emails. You don't want to miss any important correspondence!

We hope that these tips will help you gain control of
your inbox.
Remember to re-evaluate this process
monthly for ultimate organization.

Create a Workable To Do List
Make your list work for you, not the other way around.

To Do ListPersonal and professional responsibilities add up quickly.
There are many electronic options
for tracking your priorities. If you
are not utilizing this technology, follow these tips to create a
To Do List that works for you.

Start by thinking about the things you do. Try to find 3 main categories of things you do. These can include Work, To Buy, To Contact, etc. Take a piece of blank paper and fold it in half twice. Your first box should be marked To Do (general) and the other 3 should be marked with your category headings.

If you really want to get fancy, you can create separate headings within each category. For example, To Buy can include a section for Groceries or even a Wish List for "someday".

This list can be quite extensive, so you will want to prioritize. Each new day attach a fresh sticky note to your list with your day's goals. You can also just mark the most crucial tasks with a highlighter or a star to signify their need for attention.

Make sure you are referring back to this list several times each day to ensure you are staying on track and not missing a beat. Crossing tasks off your list can be oh so satisfying. Just try it!


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One Hour FREE
Do you find that there is no time for the little things in life? You work long and hard hours. When it's time to go home, there may not be much extra time to spare. Let Mission 2 Organize lighten your load by taking over some of those time consuming tasks for you.

This month our subscribers receive one hour free when you pay for 5 hours
of errand running. We keep track of your remaining hours, so you can use
they anytime you want to!

Offer Expires: September 30, 2010                         * Errand hours expire one year from purchase date.