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How 2 Pack Breakables

Packing up your kitchen for a move to your new abode can be tricky. There are so many breakable and fragile items to keep protected.

Learn some helpful
tips to ensure that
your most precious stemware, fine china ,
and even your favorite
mug will arrive safely.

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To me, if life
boils down to
one thing, it's movement.
To live is to
keep moving.

~ Jerry Seinfeld

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Mission 2 Organize
"O Your Move" Packing Issue - August 2010
Hi there!

According to the US census Bureau, 1 in 6 Americans move every year.
That means many of you and your friends will be packing up all of your belongings soon!

Luckily, Mission 2 Organize packs for you. Since we are a team of
professional organizers, you get the extra benefit of opening a organized
box. Each box you open will be clearly marked on the outside with the
room in which it belongs. Your movers will thank you. Plus, when it's
time to unpack, all of the contents will be straightened and categorized
for easy placement within your new space.

Don't let your packed boxes sit around for months. Hire M2O to unpack
for you! We will help you decide the best placement for all of your
precious items. We offer suggestions for your existing furniture placement.
We also can make suggestions for pieces that would be useful additions
to your living area.


Monthly Mission: 5 PACKING TIPS

1. Buy WAY MORE tape and boxes than you think you will need.

2. U-Haul return policy allows you to get your money back for any unused boxes.

3. Buy plenty of "wrapping paper" to protect your most fragile items.

4. Use the guidance of these customizable moving kits to know how many supplies you will need.

5. Mark any box
containing breakables clearly in red marker with the word FRAGILE on all 4 sides, as well as the top of the box.

FreeCycle Your Boxes
Recycling the boxes after your move is imperative for any Reduce, Reuse, Recycle fanatic. There are many ways to stay green. We were recently turned onto Freecycle.com, a green-minded website.

On this site, you can offer your unwanted stuff to the masses for free pickup. You can also make requests for items you want to get for free.

Oftentimes you will see posts from residents offering up their boxes FOR FREE. Be quick on the uptake and they could be yours. Or post your own wanted request and see your city's generosity in action.


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Make your move a
stress-free affair with
the help of Mission 2 Organize. Why not take advantage of this month's discount offer and get one hour free when you book five hours of packing or unpacking in August.
Offer Expires: August 31, 2010               Birkenheuer Photography