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$ How long does it take? $

It is the question that every business builder in doTerra will ask first.  How long does it take?  We've already put in such hard work and we want to know when you see the reward?  In this issue, we will tackle this question and share what we have found to be important strategies to take advantage of with doTerra's unique compensation plan. 

Kindly remember that we rotate each newsletter issue between essenatial oil basics and doTerra business basics.  This newsletter is a business builder newletter.
Rob and Wendy James
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How Long Does It Take? Time

It's a very good question, because doTerra's comp plan is quite unusual, and if you are expecting to work like most network marketing do, you may be left saying; "where's the beef?".  

The reality is that doTERRA's comp plan is unique and takes time to fully understand the powerful return it can bring.  The executives at doTERRA want us to succeed.  They have given us a quality product that works, and understand that as we have success, their company grows, and it becomes more profitable.

To understand the comp plan, let's stipulate an important thing;

"There is no such thing as a free lunch."

There are companies out there that try to entice you with the "fast buck".  doTERRA's comp plan is designed to give you long term, passive, non-linear income with time and dedicated work.

How is doTERRA's comp plan different?

Most compensation plans pay commissions with a descending percentage rate.  doTERRA pays commissions with an ascending percentage rate.  It has an amazing advantage.  And later we will compare actual numbers and how it affects your bottom line.

Filling the gap

We see it often when people first became acquainted with doTERRA and their fantastic oils. They see the potential of being on board this wave, so of course they approach their dearest friends and family first.  About a week later they get a check in the mail for 100, 200 or 300 dollars!

THIS IS GREAT! They think. What an amazing product with an amazing opportunity to make money!

Then reality sets in.  The next weeks check gets smaller then smaller. They get their first commission check and it's even smaller.

Then the question.  When does it start?  When do we start making money? If you come to understand the power of doTERRA's comp plan, you will understand that there are some great bonuses that doTERRA has created to help fill that gap.  The awkward gap between when you first come on board and put forth a great effort, and when your uni-level commissions start to kick in.

doTERRA has a unique compensation plan.   If you are unaware of the strengths of the reverse unilevel, you might feel like you are spinning your wheels.

Importance of Understanding doTerra's comp plan.

doTERRA's unilevel commission plan is based on an ascending payout percentage. This means as your group goes deeper, your payout percentage goes up.  This is opposite of most network marketing compensation plans.  The question becomes, is it an advantage or a hindrance to my financial aspirations as a business builder?

The bottom line is that in the short term it makes earning money come slower. Your biggest commission rate does not even kick in till you reach your 7th level!  

On your 1st level, you will likely be starting with only 3-5 people!  You will only be earning 2% on their purchases.  The amazing thing is that as your team begins to grow exponentially below you, even though your first level is 3-5 people, your seventh level can be thousands of people, and you are earning 7% on their purchases.

Lets do the math on this.  Lets play around with a standard 3x3 organization, 7 levels deep.  For the purposes of this evaluation, we will assume that each member is at exactly $150 pv every month. This would give you 3279 people in your organization.  The dynamics would look like this with your average network marketing company:

A=number of customers
B=paid out commission percentage
C=commission paid in dollars

A             B       C
3       @   7% = $31.50
9       @   6% = $81.00
27     @   6% = $243.00
81     @   5% = $607.50
243   @   5% = $1822.50
729   @   3% = $3280.50
2187 @   2% = $6561.00
Total payout: $ 12,627.00

doTERRA unilevel commissions:

A             B       C
3       @   2% = $9.00
9       @   3% = $40.50
27     @   5% = $202.50
81     @   5% = $607.50
243   @   6% = $2187.00
729   @   6% = $6561.00
2187 @   7% = $22963.50

Total payout: $32,571.00

Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  Over 2 1/2 times the commission paid out using doTerra's comp plan.

With a little research it's easy to see the clear advantage of doTerra's comp plan in the long run.  What becomes frustrating to some is that even though the growth is impressive.  It can be a slow growth.  It takes time and hard work to have a team that is completely filled out like the example above.  So again, "How long does it ($) take?

doTERRA understands that much of your greatest efforts come at the start of your experience as an IPC, but the payoff can be slow to follow.  With this in mind, doTerra has some bonuses that will help along the way.

Fast Start

As long as you are finding and personally enrolling new consumers, you will be enjoy an accelerated earning period.  You will receive a 20% commission on everything they buy their first 30 days.  Further, as your leaders below you also personally enroll IPC's you can receive 10% , 5%, or 3% respectively for these new sign-ups.  These monies are paid out weekly.  For many, it is a very profitable source of income.  
Fast start

Power of Three Bonus

This bonus will clearly fill that gap as your business grows.  dōTERRA's Power of 3™ Team Bonus is designed to provide generous bonuses to consultants who properly structure their organizations. There are three stages to this bonus which will be paid out each month as long as the required structure is maintained.

To qualify for the first bonus, you must be a participant in dōTERRA's Autoship Rewards program with a monthly autoship order of at least a 100 PV. Each month you have three first-level consultants who also have an autoship order of at least 100 PV, you will receive a $50 bonus in addition to your retail and Fast Start bonuses and other commissions.

To qualify for the $50 bonus, you must also have a Team Volume (defined as your PV and the combined PV of all your first-level consultants) of at least 600 PV. To qualify for the second Power of 3 bonus of $250, simply help three consultants on your first level qualify for the $50 bonus themselves.

To qualify for the third Power of 3 bonus, help three consultants on your first level qualify for the $250 bonus and you will receive $1,500 every month your team structure remains in place!
This power of 3 bonus is an important step to fill the gap as your team grows and you are waiting for the larger commission percentages to kick in.  It takes time and some training to understand how to check and insure you qualify for your power of 3 bonus.  If you need help with this, start calling your up line until you find someone who can explain it so you understand it.  It is important that you understand it so people on your team can go to you for help.

Ok, you say, but "how long does it take?"

Lets take things a step at a time.  These should be your goals. Your achievements as you see them with an eye of faith.  If you follow these steps, you will see your business grow, based on your consistent efforts.

Power of 3

Seven steps to success.

7 steps

Step 1
Get on auto-ship.  

$100 dollar minimum monthly auto ship is necessary to receive compensation of any kind.  We recommend that you encourage your team members to do a monthly auto-ship of $150.  This will ensure that your team volume between 3 IPC's will be $600.


Step 2
Build your front line (3 leaders)... get your $50 dollar bonus.  

If you get your $50 dollar bonus, and continue to get 2-3 signups per month, with your uni-level commission, it is reasonable to expect your monthly income to meet or exceed your $150 auto-ship.  This needs to be an early achievement... get your monthly auto-ship paid for.

Step 3
Continue to find sign-ups.  

To often we see people say to themselves;
"Well, I got my three, now it's up to them."

Boyd Truman did some pondering on what "diamond" ranked doTerra IPC's had or did in common.  He found only one common denominator.  Some were great presenters, others may not be.  Some were very well connected, others not so much.  Some were fantastic business people, others were new at the business side of things.  Some were expert at the use and efficacy of essential oils, others were beginners with essential oils. So what was the common denominator?  

They had personally enrolled or sponsored at least 30 new IPC's.  In other words, they were hard workers that were resolved not to stop at their first 3.  Some have personally enrolled 50, 100 or more.  They find ways to bring people in and don't stop.  

As you personally enroll new IPC's, you have great control over your business structure and you can create very profitable fast start opportunities that will continue to grow.

Step 4
Get your $250 dollar bonus by helping your front line get their $50 dollar bonus.

If you get your $250 dollar bonus, and continue to get 2-3 signups per month, with your uni-level commission, it is reasonable to expect your monthly income to be at or exceed $300 monthly.  This will pay for your auto-ship and likely pay for almost three tanks of gas.  Not bad.

Step 5
Begin a Essential oils and business training & duplication model.

As your team begins to grow, you need to have a plan to train your team on the use of essential oils and how to take advantage of doTerra's comp plan.  You must teach them to do what you are doing.

Step 6
Get your $1500 dollar bonus by helping your front line get their $250 dollar bonus.

If you get your $1500 dollar bonus, and continue to get 2-3 signups per month, with your uni-level commission, it is reasonable to expect your monthly income to meet and exceed at least $1750.  With your team having a stable 3 legs,  and as you continue to personally enroll others and teach your team to do the same,  your team will begin to grow exponentially.  Hang on to that surf board, your wave is getting bigger!

Step 7
Continue to find sign-ups and concentrate on building you're 4th and 5th leg.

Width is wealth is the axiom for almost all network marketing comp plans.  The same can be said for doTerra's.  You need to be at 3 legs to get your power of 3 bonus.  The 3x3 structure will insure stability and ensure uni-level payouts at higher percentages.  Having 4 silver legs is necessary to be a diamond, 5 gold legs is necessary to become a Blue diamond, and 2 gold legs + 4 platinum legs is required to be a Presidential diamond.

As you move up in pay titles, and grow wide (more than 3 legs) your uni-level obviously increases (see table below), and your shares from various leadership pools will make you wealthy.

4 legs

Ok, but how long does it take?

How long does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

How long will I live?

How long till the Dodgers win a world series?

How long before the end of the world?

The bottom line is there is no set time line.  There are some that came into doTerra the first week it opened for business and still don't make their $50 power of 3 bonus.  There are others that have come into doTerra within the last year and are already making 5 figures monthly.  

There are steps there are strategies, but it requires hard work, great effort and endurance.  How long it takes is up to you.  Over the next few months we will talk about specific strategies that people successfully use to build their teams.

We will talk about how important visualizing yourself achieving your goals can be.  We will talk about moving forward with "an eye of faith".

Sink or Swim

If you have a child.  You've likely gone through the process of teaching them how to swim.  If you have, you understand it is a step by step process.  You don't just throw them into the deep end and watch to see if they sink or swim.

You would likely always start them with a life jacket or arm floaties of some kind.  You teach them first to kick, then to feel comfortable with their head underwater.  Then you have them practice small distances of swimming or swimming underwater.  Soon the get more and more confident and begin swimming longer distances, then they are comfortable without floatation help, finally, you and they are both confident that they are good at swimming and can be trusted alone in the water.

The Parallel

When we bring new IPC's into doTERRA, we need to make sure they are capable swimmers before assuming they can jump into the deep end.

The biggest mistake we can make with a new IPC is to sign them up, then assume it is all up to them from then on.  They will soon become frustrated and loose what excitement they had at one time about being a successful doTerra IPC.

Teach the oil basics.

New IPC may or may not have experience with essential oils.  But that is the key to helping them have success.  They must start developing their own personal experiences with essential oils.  That does not happen with out training from their up line.  Consider this their life jacket.  Your dedication to training them on the basics and helping them have their own experience is as important as a flotation devise for your new swimmer.

Teach the business basics.

Just as important as teaching your new swimmer to feel comfortable in the water or to kick and use their arms,  a new IPC must feel comfortable talking to others about essential oils and doTerra.  The best way is for them to watch you or another leader in your team.  Dr. Mom or Family Physicians parties, one on one meetings, conference calls or booths.  What ever your most effective methods are, you must help new IPC's to duplicate what you do. 

Having them go out on their own after just joining up themselves would be the equivalent of throwing them in the deep end with no training or practice whatsoever!

Every new IPC you bring in the business should be hooked to your hip for the next three meetings or parties you have.  Hopefully they will be events that the new IPC is sponsoring.  Gradually you help the new IPC to participate in parts of what you normally do, and you watch the new IPC closely as she (he) learns to swim.

Here is a great model to follow for a new IPC.

Ok, Dawn, you have some great contacts, family and friends.  Can I suggest that you approach them like this;

"Hi Jill, I am so excited about this new line of health and wellness products by doTerra.  They are totally natural and they work.  I would like for a gal from the company explain them to you.  Can we meet for lunch tomorrow? (no)  Ok, how about you come over to my house after work? (no)  Could me and my friend give you a call at 10am tomorrow?  It will only take 10 min." (ok)

You will let the new IPC set up opportunities as you show her how to teach about the product and how to CLOSE. 

You want new IPC's to be successful.

It's great to sign someone up as an IPC, but the worst thing we can do is sign them up, throw them in the deep end, and walk away.  You need to be there for them, teaching them as they gain experience.  You need to help them close which can be one of the most difficult things for some IPC's to do.  If you signed them on, you have basically agreed to be their life line.  Their success will motivate them to push on, their success will be your success.

About this newsletter
Thank you for your interest in this newsletter.  The Everything doTERRA newletters are sent out generally twice monthly.  We rotate between concentrating on the business aspect of doTERRA and then an educational aspect of essential oils.  This newsletter is to generally increase your knowledge on the basics of essential uses and the basic business building opportunities that are yours with doTERRA essential oils.

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Not only is $150 auto-shop reasonable, but preferred.  With a $150 auto-ship, then a team of 3 members will have a team volume of $600.  As you start depending on your monthly $1500 power of 3 bonus, having team volumes of $600 or more will save you many headaches.

Monthly auto-ships are not that hard to fill anyway.  If you use the life long wellness pack, the pb assist, gx assist,  the skin care kit, and a few essential oils, you will far exceed the $150.
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