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April 26, 2012

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Lake County Health Department

Health Department Provides Tips for Dealing with Stress
in Observance of Mental Health Month in May
The phone keeps ringing, the bills are due, and your kids won't stop fighting--life is full of stress. Unfortunately, too much stress can drain your ability to rest, feel good, be productive, think, have relationships, have fun--pretty much everything humans need to do to survive and thrive. In observance of Mental Health Month in May, the Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center is offering 10 tips to help you handle stress and boost your well-being. Of course, not all the tips are right for everyone, but odds are that at least a few will work for you. Here they are:

1)     Connect with Others. People who feel connected are happier and healthier--and may even live
2)     Stay Positive. People who regularly focus on the positive in their lives are less upset by painful
3)     Get Physically Active. Exercise can help relieve insomnia and reduce depression.
4)     Help Others. People who consistently help others experience less depression, greater calm and
        fewer pains.
5)     Get Enough Sleep. Not getting enough rest increases risks of weight gain, accidents, reduced
        memory and heart problems.
6)     Create Joy and Satisfaction. Positive emotions can boost your ability to bounce back from
7)     Eat Well. Eating healthy food and regular meals can increase your energy, lower the risk of
        developing certain diseases and influence your mood.
8)     Take Care of Your Spirit. People who have strong spiritual lives may be healthier and live longer.
        Spirituality seems to cut the stress that can contribute to disease.
9)     Deal Better with Hard Times. People who can tackle problems or get support in a tough situation
        tend to feel less depressed.
10)   Get Professional Help if You Need It. More than 80 percent of people who are treated for
        depression improve.

It may take effort to learn to use these tips--just like learning to drive a car. Think about the ones that are best for you and try a few over time. Change isn't always smooth, so ask a friend to join you, or at least listen to your starts and stops. Consider joining a club or group that can help you achieve your goals.

The Health Department provides behavioral health services throughout Lake County for people of all ages.  Services include outpatient mental health counseling, case management, housing programs, substance use disorder services and crisis care services. For additional information, please call the Health Department at: (847) 377-8180 or visit: http://www.lakecountyil.gov/Health/BHS.htm.  A 24-hour crisis care line is also available at: (847) 377-8088.

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