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June/July 2012
ANNOUNCING: Advantage 2012r2:  Software Without Borders 
by Dan Heffernan

 Dan Heffernan


Every 10 years or so, we invest deeply in the product to move it forward to a new platform.  We are just completing the final touches on Advantage 2012r2 which brings Advantage fully into the .NET environment.  This technology leap is a springboard for further development of Advantage in all kinds of directions.  It removes the borders around the software and opens up vast possibilities for integration, globalization, and deployment.


As a non-technical guy, let me explain what this means.




Highlights of Advantage 2012R2
by Tim Martin


This release is packed full of great stuff, in addition to being fully .NET.  Click "View Full Story" for details on these features:  

  • A dedicated AMB E-mail table 
  • Enhanced search capabilities for AMB
  • An AMB "Save the Cancel" feature
  • A geo-based promotional pricing feature 
  • Auto-creation of the background inventory item record
  • Enhanced Item Status and Item Saleable Flag features  



Welcome Stephanie Widrig
by Cindy Morphew

Stephanie Widrig 

Stephanie Widrig recently joined ACS as a member of the client services group under the direction of Tim Zapawa.  Stephanie joins the team led by John Sheehy, and is currently learning the ACS project management methodology.  She is also doing some SQL analysis and learning Advantage, in part by doing QA. 


A graduate of the University of Michigan, Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial and operations engineering.  Her studies included courses on optimization and lean manufacturing, which are applicable to many areas of business.  Stephanie wanted to find a job at a company where she could combine working with people and technology, and the position on the projects team at ACS fit the bill.


ACS Welcomes Mike Jahn
by Cindy Morphew 

Mike Jahn

ACS is pleased to welcome Mike Jahn to our Advantage family, specifically, the eCommerce and Enterprise Integration team led by Matt Varblow.  Mike comes to ACS with more than four years of experience as a systems engineer for an enterprise content management company in Southfield, Michigan. There, he worked on coding and systems integration as well as interfacing with customers.

A Michigan native, Mike grew up in Canton and, after high school, he spent a year at the Air Force Academy before deciding that the military was not for him.  He then returned to Michigan and enrolled at Eastern Michigan University.



Server Process ID Tip

 by Mike Miklosovic 


 Tech Tip logo

This Tech Tip discusses the user ID processes use in the server context. This is now available to display as a column at the OPRDAT processing list frame.


The Server Process ID Background

When you request a process, the Advantage monitor makes a request to the server to run it. The server assigns a Process ID (or PID) which you can see within Advantage by inquiring on the process. Beginning at revision 2010R1 you can also you can customize the OPRDAT process list frame to view it directly in the list:


 screen shot



Why Should PA-DSS Certification 
Matter To You?
by Greg Stout

PA-DSS cert


PA-DSS stands for "Payment Application - Data Security Standard".  This standard was developed to establish specific guidelines to prevent credit/debit card fraud and malicious use of confidential credit information.  For certification, software vendors like ACS, whose software is used to process credit and debit cards are required to:

  • Develop software that complies with the guidelines for storing, processing, and transmitting credit/debit card information.
  • Establish internal policies and procedures to ensure that software is developed and installed according to defined standards.
  • Create an Implementation Guide that instructs clients how to implement Advantage in order to ensure compliance.
  • Pass a formal review by a qualified auditor.

Knowing that Advantage is PA-DSS certified means that it will be easier for you to be PCI compliant.  The first certified release of Advantage was 2011R1, and we expect to be notified of certification of the latest releases shortly.  Going forward, we will seek certification of each new release as a matter of course.


Contact your ACS account manager if you have any questions about PA-DSS certification.


Product Returns at SVCDAT/PRO
by Molly Mathe

molly minute logog 

Customer Service Reps can enter applied returns directly at SVCDAT/PRO, which supports entering the return in a customer service situation without routing to MSTDAT/FST.


Once the user selects the order at SVCDAT/PRO, clicking the Applied Return button would start the return process. The following dialog would show:


 Molly Min 1



European User Meeting To Be Held 30-31 October in Oxford
  Oxford England


Join us in Oxford, England for the annual European Advantage user meeting October 30 - 31st.  It will take place at the offices of Oxford University Press and we'll discuss the following topics:

  • ACS news / direction / future
  • Latest product features
  • API capsules
  • Support
  • Other topics

In addition to all the great information, it's a terrific opportunity to network with your fellow Advantage users. 


You can register at the ACS LinkedIn site - http://linkd.in/L25C1s .


For information contact Bob Thornton at ACS.


Congratulations to American Master Products, God's World and TN Marketing on Recent Upgrades
by Cindy Moprhew


We extend warm congratulations to American Master Products (AMP), who went live on their new release in late February; TN Marketing (TNM) who cut over in early March, and God's World Publications (GWP) who upgraded in April.


Daryl Vautour oversaw the AMP and TNM upgrades, while Philippe Rowland took the helm for GWP.  Of course no upgrade project can be successful without generous help from many ACS'ers as well as the client-site team.  Daryl and Philippe wish to thank everyone who had a hand in bringing these projects to completion.


Summer Webinars
 by Angie Moore 


We're looking forward to a busy summer schedule with our webinar training program. The schedule is continuing to be updated with more classes so be sure to check back often. 


Here's a glance at the current schedule https://support.advantagecs.com/webinar/ 


If you have a suggestion for a future webinar, please contact me: Angie Moore.


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