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March/April 2012
ACS Welcomes New Employee:  
Ryan Powers
by Cindy Morphew

 ACS new employee Ryan Powers

 ACS is pleased to welcome Ryan Powers to our employee family.  Ryan is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, where he earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in computer science engineering.  He is assigned to the Product Development Group, led by Howie Brooks


Born and raised in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Ryan has always had an interest in technology.  As a child, his parents soon learned to let him take care of the technical stuff at home as he had an aptitude for it.  When he took his first computer programming class at the University of Michigan, he made up his mind that computer programming was the career for him.





Highlights of Advantage 2012R1
by Tim Martin


Exciting new features abound in 2012r1.  In addition, these highlights include features from 2011r3.  Click "View Full Story" for details on these features:  

  • A new method of order upload---Order Stream
  • A consolidated payment view, MSTDAT/PAY
  • Subscribed CIR items can now be offered as part of a premium set 
  • The AMB module now supports on-approval orders 
  • A Promotion Offers feature
  • User lockout if they fail 'n' ID/password login attempts during a defined period
  • A package allocation feature 




Ken Nemerovski: An Advantage Icon
by Cindy Morphew

Ken Nemerovski-known to all as "Nemo"-has been a fixture at ACS since 1982.  Only four people predate him and, when it comes to remembering company history, he is unrivaled.  With his excellent memory for names, faces and dates, he is the go-to guy for information about the early days here.

Ken Nemerovski 

Nemo has always worked in sales in some capacity, and even though he officially moved to the Client Services Division in 2006 as a Senior Account Manager, he still keeps his hand in the sales game, being responsible for selling additional software licenses and third-party products to ACS clients.  He manages third-party relationships for the company and also handles license compliance, monitoring usage for clients with such agreements.  He is the account manager for six ACS clients and is responsible for the overall relationship between ACS and each of them. 


AUG Report:  Once Upon a Time...
by Ken Darnell 

... in a place warm and sunny in early February, a group of individuals descended upon Orlando, Florida.  Some were sneezy (from the Midwest cold), others were sleepy (from the west, due to time difference), most were happy, and although a few might have been grumpy or bashful, none were dopey.   No, these were not Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, in spite of meeting right on the grounds of the Walt Disney World Resort.  Rather, they were attendees of the Advantage Users Group Conference. 


By all accounts, the conference was a tremendous success.  After several years of dealing with bad weather in January, this was the first time that the conference was held in February.  The weather cooperated beautifully and surrounding activities were fabulous.  All told, there were 80 attendees-a conference record-representing 27 client companies from as far away as the UK, France and Australia.

The event provided a wonderful combination of beautiful scenery and weather, informative user presentations and roundtable group discussions.  Topics included Credit Card Security and Compliance, Tokenization, Access Management, Business Intelligence, Web Capsules, Duplicate Consolidation, Conditional Letters, and Email Marketing, as well as an accumulation of Advantage Tips and Tricks from the user community.




ACS Expands Intern Program - Welcomes Brian Roskamp

 by Cindy Morphew 


Finding just the right technical people is a vital part of growth at ACS and the intern program has been a great source of excellent employees.  In addition to providing valuable services in their stints as interns, it gives both intern and management staff time to evaluate whether or not the fit is a good one.

Brian Roskamp

Brian Roskamp is the newest intern at ACS, working in the engineering division.  A junior at the University of Michigan, Brian is studying computer science and engineering.  It only took one introductory computer science class as a freshman in high school for Brian to decide what he wanted to do for a living.  That was at Howell High School in Howell, Michigan, where his family still lives.

Brian is especially interested in software engineering for business applications and is enjoying his current classes which include database management and user interface design.  He is working at ACS part-time during the school year and will be full-time in the summer months.

Help Us Plan 2012 Webinars
by Angie Markel



The 2012 webinar schedule is off and running.  We've got a great program in the works for this year, including popular repeat topics like 'Web Module Interface Architecture' and 'AMB Administration and Data Entry.'  I'm also very excited about some new topics that will be presented such as 'Order Stream Rules and Transactions' and 'Credit Card Authorization Enhancements.'


Each webinar is typically a one-hour session of cost-effective training on a particular Advantage topic. The cost is $70 per connection and $35 for each additional individual using the same connection.

Be sure to check often to see additions to the webinar schedule and to reserve your spot. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then please email  Angie Markel.





Dynamic Customer Search
by Molly Mathe

molly minute logog 

Starting at 2011R1, Advantage has to ability to perform the customer search when you tab out of the field or with each keystroke. The search behavior for the TAB and KEYSTROKE is activated with the CDS option SRCHWHEN. The valid values are:

  • ENTER: the default behavior; works as currently, and requires clicking the Search button.
  • TAB:  performs the search each time the search data is entered and the user tabs out of the field---there is no need to click the Search button as a separate action.  This can be a way to progressively narrow your search as you enter your search criteria. It may enable you to locate the desired customer more quickly than if you had used the conventional search method.
  • KEYSTROKE:  performs the search each time a character is entered into a search field.  This can narrow your search with each keystroke, and may enable you to locate the desired customer even more quickly than the above two methods.  




OrderStream: A Giant Step Forward for Uploads
by Doug Moore


Are you interested in a streamlined and unified way to import orders into Advantage and process them? A way to combine much of the functionality in the CIR125, PRO301, CEM125, and AMB125 Advantage uploads? How about the ability to create rules to automatically correct bad incoming data?


If so, OrderStream may be right for you. 


Available in the 2012r1 release of Advantage, OrderStream offers a new process to standardize and unify the various uploads in Advantage.  Many of the current upload transactions are now available through a standard Advantage XML schema. The newly developed process supports the wide variety of files and formats of data to be uploaded into Advantage. In addition, it supports various file locations, types, and formats.




Price Points Tracking Tips
 by Mike Miklosovic 
Tech Tip logo 


This Tech Tip discusses price points which provide the ability to add a price to a group of items, without having to change each item individually.


The Price Points Business Case

You have 500 items. It turns out many of the items have the same price.

In fact exactly 100 items share one price. The next 100 share a different price and another 100 share another price and so on.

Let's say you need to add a new price to all five sets of 100 items.  You would prefer not to add the new price to all 500 items individually.

The price points feature allows you to add five new prices (Price Points) and then assigns the price to the 500 items.




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