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Accompaniment: An Amazing Journey

Accompaniment: An Amazing Journey
Accompaniment's Fruit: Trust.
Accompaniment's Need: Expanding.
Accompaniment's Invitation: Join In.
Accompaniment's Commitment: Passionate.
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"Hah!  You deserve it!"  I laughed out loud.  

Interviewing Thai dreamer in mtn home.
Interviewing a dreamer in his mountain home.


The rooster outside my hut had just choked after three hours' crowing since 2:30 a.m.  I rolled over in the steamy heat on my floor mat wishing exhaustion from yesterday's 10-hour drive might put me to sleep.  With another 8-hour drive ahead, I needed it.  But no such luck.  That rooster let loose again.  I lost my battle for sleep that night.  But that's just a bit of what it takes to accompany, in person, on the ground. 


Accompaniment - a Dreams InDeed distinctive.  We walk with dreamers through ups and downs to bring their dreams to life.  We go where they go.  Eat what they eat.  Sleep where they sleep. 


Amazingly, they invite us into their lives.  They share their heart struggles with us.  They accept our offer of ourselves.  And they entrust their dreams to us.  It's an unimaginable privilege.
Accompaniment's Fruit: Trust.
Studying target area map.
  Mapping the target areas.

Accompaniment is a journey.  There are no quick, easy answers in hard places.  It takes time. 


That journey takes many forms.  Sometimes it's simple.  We puzzle through problems. Or make introductions.  Other times it's more complex.  We mediate estranged parties.  Or we challenge dead-end thinking.  Simple or complex, we must be present.  At the drawing board.  At the family feuds.  At the funerals.  We must prove worthy of their precious trust. 


Beyond just treasure or talent, trust over time really delivers.  In three dreamers' own words: 


"We had a great week...I cannot believe the interactions, and how my training team really matured through this process...I simply wanted to say thank you for helping us..."


"I couldn't explain it.  No one would follow. I thought my work would die with me.  But you came and helped reveal what's in my heart so my sons understand.  Now they want to work with me." 


"I was fed up.  I wasn't going to return.  Then, away on vacation, I realized I had to return and keep working for the dream.  I can't quit.  You are the only ones sticking with us."

They face incredible odds, in hard places they call home.  Yet their dreams are coming true.     A grandma enduring bombings and beating bankruptcy to keep marginalized kids in school.      A doctor re-directing her talent to create jobs for the unemployable as home health caregivers.   An attorney reconciling youths from warring factions in integrated summer camps and service.  An unstoppable grandpa nearly dying of malaria, trekking to serve one more remote village.

Accompaniment's Need: Expanding.

Three more dreamers just popped up on our horizons.  So we

Viewing country map
Scoping out a dream.

head off tomorrow to pursue a dream to create community with mentally-challenged orphans.  Then to Kathmandu to explore a dream to ensure holistic well-being among each of Nepal's hundred tribes.  And then to a remote Thai village to reinforce a dream to create jobs to keep girls from being trafficked into abuse.


But what do these dreamers want and need?  Much more than cash.  They want life-on-life accompaniment. 


Can you hear it in this email?  "Thank you so much for taking caring about me.  I just shared with you about my life and my vision and what I am doing in Nepal.  When you come you will see reality and passion.  Please it is right time.  Nepal is waiting for you."


They're asking us to experience their worlds.  Feel their passion.  Enter their struggles.  Touch their people.  And to offer insights.  Clarify their visions.  Challenge their thinking.  Strengthen their networks.  In other words, to accompany them.

Accompaniment's Invitation: Join In.

They need us.  And we need you.  And beyond that, more dreamers are coming, so we need your friends, too.  Together, we can ensure life-on-life accompaniment in more hard places.  Here's how.  First, expand our accompaniment team.  Second, upgrade our network systems.


First, David and I must multiply ourselves by training people qualified, available, and committed to accompany in hard places.  We'll start with local volunteers and consultants, which requires $30,000 this year to ensure dreamers get the support they need, in-person, on-site.  


Second, we must empower you to get the word out and multiply Dreams InDeed stakeholders.  We'll deploy an on-line communications network integrating the dreamsindeed.org website with social media.  This requires $10,000 in tech wizard fees to design our network weaving tools. 

Accompaniment's Commitment: Passionate. 

These dreamers are committed.  One looked me in the eye and said, "I cannot waste my time with those who never go among the people, never really feel heart ache for them. If you really want to help, I give you my word.  I more than 100% open my arms to your help."


Man reading to children.
Sowing seed for new dreams.

$40,000 gets this accompaniment and networks going.


These dreamers are passionate.  So are David and I.  As are the Dreams InDeed board.  That's why we and our board now pledge to match your year-end contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000 to invest in the people and networks required to bring their dreams to life. 

Will you match your passion to ours, adopt these dreams, and help transform them into realities? 


Walking together with you to see dreams come true,

 Janice signature

Janice Hayashi Haskell

Vice-President of Program Development

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