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September 2012
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Welcome to the September Issue of the ASQ-LA Newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you at our September 12th Member Meeting which will be at:

2341 West 205th Street 
Torrance, CA 90501

NOTE: Do not go to the Lido Restaurant as previously announced. 
Do not go to the Phenomenex main entrance on 411 Madrid. The Meeting will be on the 2nd floor of 2341 West 205th Street. Near Crenshaw and 190th. 
If you plan to attend the meeting, YOU MUST RSVP to Lane Parrott 310-489-9018 or e-mail [email protected], no-later-than Noon on Monday, September 10th, so she can get the list of attendees.
Looking forward to your attendance at this month's program.
Harold Martinez
Newsletter Chair


ASQLA MEMBER MEETING - September 12, 2012
Joe Desimone


"Wine and Six Sigma 

Please join the ASQLA Section 0700 for its monthly member meeting on Wednesday, September 12th. The meeting will be at Phenomenex in Torrance. This meeting is an opportunity to network with other Quality professionals and to learn about current techniques & technologies.   Our speaker this month is Mr. Joe DeSimone speaking on "Wine and Six Sigma."


Joe DeSimone will share with us a Six Sigma project he successfully conducted at a winery. The winery had a problem...

When customers popped the cork there was a lingering aroma of chemicals. A chemical odor is common with inexpensive wines but unacceptable in expensive wines. Uncorking the bottle and smelling the cork is an essential part of the wine serving experience. If the aroma is unpleasant, it does not matter how delicious the wine is, it is perceived to be of poor quality. If customers perceive poor quality they will not pay top dollar. To break-even the winery needed a more consistent process. To make money they needed to consistently produce wine with an excellent lingering aroma. Was it the cork? Was it the bottle? Was it the grapes? Joe will describe how he conducted the project and will reveal how the winery changed their process to eliminate the lingering chemical aroma. Wine samples will be available for those interested in tasting the quality results of Joe's Six Sigma Project.


Joe DeSimone is the owner and President or DeSimone Engineering, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in six sigma, quality and productivity specialties. Joe has been training and consulting in the following disciplines for over 20 years: SPC, Lean, Six Sigma, DOE, GD&T, RCCA and Continuous Improvement/Problem Solving.


Joe is a degreed Quality Engineer (BSIT) with ASQ Certifications: CQE, CRE, CMI, CQT, CQM, SSBB, and Master Blackbelt, as well as PMP and a DMI Certified Trainer. Also Joe has been conducting review courses for the ASQ for these various exams since 1989 with

high success rates. In addition to these disciplines, Joe conducts courses in Project Management and reviews for the PMP Professional examination.


The program will be held at Phenomenex 2341 West 205th Street in Torrance. Click here for a Phenomenex Map. This meeting is an opportunity to network with other Quality Professionals, learn about quality related topics and earn 0.3 Recertification Units. Registration and networking starts at 5:30 PM. The meeting runs from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. Crackers, Cookies, Coffee & Water will be provided at no charge. 
You MUST RSVP to Lane Parrott 310-489-9018 or e-mail address to [email protected],  no later than Noon on Monday, September 10th.  



Message from the Chair - Lane Parrott


In July the Leadership Team took a hard look at our annual performance in preparation for developing our objectives for 2012-2013. We met all of our goals except member retention. "Well that isn't too bad" someone said. "Aren't all of the sections losing members?" During the meeting we did not have all the facts, so we changed the subject and went on with the process of setting goals.


After the meeting I looked up the membership statistics for the other Region 7 Sections. A long, long time ago, Los Angeles was the largest section. Then I remember being second to Orange County. Well, we dropped to 4th largest out of 14 sections. What happened?


I looked at the LA Section's member retention rate. Not only did we not meet our goal, we slipped to 3rd from the bottom. What are the other sections doing that we are missing?


41% of Region 7 Member's have an ASQ Certification. However only 34% of LA Section Members have an ASQ Certification. Members with certifications are more likely to attend meetings, so they can get Recertification Units!


To turn things around we need to get serious about ASQ Certifications. We need to increase the percentage of members with certifications and we need to increase our total number of certifications.


We all know that attending a course costs money and taking a certification exam costs money too. Many of our members are unemployed. Many companies do not pay for outside courses. Money is tight!


The Leadership Team believes in the value of the ASQ certifications. During September and October, we will brainstorm on how the section can help members obtain certifications.


In November, International Quality Month, the presentation will focus on the benefits of obtaining ASQ Certification. We will present the section's certification ideas during the November meeting.


I look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts at the September Meeting.


Lane Parrott

Section 0700 Chair


 For information on placing an ad through ASQLA, contact Advertising Chair at (310)383-2393, [email protected].




Membership Chair Report

By Lisa Uhrig








Jerald A. Smith

Firth Rixson


Lisa Fleckstein



Andrea Church-Kreisa

Hertz Corporation

Kevin P. Jardim

Zodiac Aerospace

Dhiraj Kumar


Peter Kim

PSC Biotech

Armen Carapetian


Eunina F Newkirk

Pharmavite LLC

Aylin Asatourians

Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.


California State University, Dominguez Hills


FALL 2012
- Internet Program Schedule - Subject to Occasional Changes

                                                First Day              Last Day                     Last Day 

                                                of Class             To Register                   of Class

                                                Sept. 4                 Aug. 31                       Dec. 4

Course                          Title                                                              Instructor


QAS 200.41          Fundamentals of Quality (3 units)                 David Vu ([email protected])

QAS 220.41          Introduction to Measurement Science          Emil Hazarian (([email protected])

QAS 330.41          Statistical Quality Control and Inspection     Dan Dunahay ([email protected])

QAS 331.41          Manufacturing Processes (3 units)                Craig Carpenter ([email protected])

QAS 335.41          Quality Auditing (3 units)                             David Vu ([email protected])

QAS 347.41          Dimensional Metrology (3 units)                  Emil Hazarian ([email protected])

QAS 427.41          Quality Improvement (3 units)                     Minoo Hosseini ([email protected])

QAS 499.41          Senior Project (3 units)                                Robert Spencer ([email protected])


QAS 510.41          Advance Probability/Statistic (3 units)         John Miller ([email protected])

QAS 511.41          Quality Function Management & TQM       William Trappen ([email protected])

QAS 511.42          Quality Function Management & TQM       Bhavan (Bob) Mehta ([email protected])

QAS 513.41          Sta Quality Control Samplg (3 units)           Dan Dunahay ([email protected])

QAS 514.41          Advanced Experimental Design (3 units)     Dan Dunahay ([email protected])

QAS 515.41          Human Factors in Quality Assurance           Jim Clauson ([email protected])

QAS 518.41          Quality Project Management                      William Trappen ([email protected])

QAS 523.41          Software Reliability (3 units)                       Catherine French ([email protected])

QAS 525.41          ISO 9000 and Audit Function (3 units)        Robert Spencer ([email protected])

QAS 531.41          Customer Satisfaction & Quality Assurance Robert Spencer ([email protected]                         

QAS 538.41          "Evaluation and Outcome                           Bhavan (Bob) Mehta ([email protected])

                                Analysis for Healthcare Delivery" (3 units)

QAS 598.41          Directed Research (3 units)                         Milton Krivokuca ([email protected])

QAS 599.41          Thesis/Project (3 units)                               Milton Krivokuca ([email protected])               

To enroll contact the Extended Education Registration office, please call (310) 243-3741, fax (310) 516-3971, or by email at [email protected].

                                                First Day                       Last Day                   Last Day

                                                of Class                       To Register                of Class

                                                Oct. 9                          Oct. 5                          Dec. 4

Course                   Title                                                                Instructor

QAS 495.41          Mathematics for Quality Assurance             John Miller ([email protected])




ASQ Certification Refresher Courses - Internet Program Schedule

Subject to Occasional Changes

FALL 2012


Course            Title                                                                Instructor


NBQA 701.41      Certified Quality Management/Organizational        Milt Krivokuca ([email protected])

NBQA 704.41      Certified Reliability Engineering Exam Prep.          Michael Falk ([email protected])


NBQA 702.41      Certified Quality Engineer Exam Prep.      Catherine French ([email protected])

NBQA 703.41      Certified Quality Auditor Exam Prep.         Milt Krivokuca ([email protected])

NBQA 705.41      Certified Software Quality Engineer Exam Prep.    Catherine French ([email protected])

NBQA 709.41      Certified Calibration Technician                  Milt Krivokuca ([email protected])

                                Engineer Exam Prep.


To reach the Extended Education Registration office please call (310) 243-3741, fax (310) 516-3971, or by email at [email protected]. .


For On-Site or On-Campus NBQA 701, NBQA 702, NBQA 703, and NBQA 706 Please contact the MSQA program.


ASQ Certification Exams


Application Deadline

October 12, 2012


Late Application

Fee ($50) Deadline

October 17, 2012


Exam Date

December 1, 2012




Quality Engineer(CQE)

Quality Auditor(CQA)

Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)

Software Quality Eng. (CSQE)

Quality Improvement Assoc (CQIA)

Calibration Technician(CCT)

Quality Process Analyst (CQPA)


Application Deadline

January 11, 2013


Late Application

Fee ($50) Deadline

January 16, 2013


Exam Date

March 2, 2013




Six Sigma Black Belt(SSBB)

Mgr of Qual/Org Excel (CMQ/OE)

Quality Inspector(CQI)

Quality Technician(CQT)

Biomedical Auditor(CBD)

Reliability Engineer(CRE)

HACCP Auditor(CHA)





for more information.


Cal State Dominguez Hills BSQA & MSQA Programs

sponsor certification preparation courses, See certification

page on


Is it time for recertification?

Send your package to Joe DeSimone,

Recertification Chair at

P.O. Box 1291, San Pedro, CA 90731.






Time: 5:30 - 6:00 Networking & Dinner

6:00 - 8:00 Meeting


CSUDH Extended Education Bldg

1000 Victoria St., Carson, CA 90745

Contact: Lane Parrott, Chair

(310) 489-9018

[email protected],

Dates: 1st Wednesday of the Month




Officers & Committee Chairs of ASQ Los Angeles Section 700


CHAIR: Lane Parrott - (310) 489-9018 - [email protected]


SECRETARY: Catherine Martin - 310-616-0936 [email protected]

TREASURER: Jim Morrison - (310) 541-1417 - [email protected]

PAST CHAIR/Executive Advisory: Chen Low - (310) 334-7044 - [email protected]
Arrangements:  Chen Low - (310) 334-7044 - [email protected]

 Job Listing: Armen Yeghoian - 818-912-9272 - [email protected]

Website Chair: Open

Membership: Lisa Uhrig - - 310-283-1197 [email protected]

 Education: Bill Trappen - (760)723-7718 -[email protected]

CSUDH Liaison: Milt Krivokuca - (949) 892-7994 - [email protected]

Certification: Joe DeSimone - (424) 772-6371 -[email protected]

Re-certification: Joe DeSimone - (424) 772-6371 - [email protected]

Newsletter: Harold Martinez - (310) 214-1606 -[email protected]

Awards and Recognition: Imre Fischer -(949)493-3914 - [email protected]

Quality Management Process (QMP): Lane Parrott - (310) 489-9018 - [email protected]

Financial Audit: Michael Schaffer - (310)895-0802  [email protected]

Simon Collier Quality Award:  Imre Fischer - (949) 493-3914 [email protected]

    Programs: Open

Publicity & Advertising Chair: : Alan Wang - (310)383-2393 - [email protected] 

State of Section 7 Membership

by El�as Monr�al


I would like to extend my �FELICIDADES! and CONGRATULATIONS! to my fellow quality professionals celebrating their section's anniversary. To know where we are going, we need to know where we came from.


Region 7 Sections




0700     LOS ANGELES

February 15, 1946



May 19, 1960



November 1954


0703     SAN DIEGO

January 1952


0704     PHOENIX

July 1, 1957


0705     LAS VEGAS

May 1968



May 22, 1962


0707     TUCSON

March 23, 1955


0708     PALOMAR

May 1971



May 1963



Aug 1975 / Feb 2000



May 17, 1994


0712     TIJUANA

November 26, 1996



May 18, 2002


0714     NOGALES

November 9, 2006



Currently, Region 7 is the 5th largest section in the nation with a total membership of 4,930. If you include the 1,075 pending/renewal members, then the potential total membership could be 6,005. Please view the below graph of Region 7 membership segmentation: geographic, country, membership, market, job title, certification, and division interest.

  • 82 new members to region
  • 98% from USA, 1% from M�xico, 1% other

*     76% from CA, 17% from AZ, 2% from NV, 4% other

*     50% Regular, 36% Senior, 7% Student, 5% Associate, 1% Fellow, 1% Org/Site

*     44% Manufacturing, 30% Service, 15% Unknown, 5% Healthcare, 2% Unclassified

*     22% Engineer, 20% Manager, 9% Director, 8% Unknown, 3% Student

*     24% CQE, 23% CQA, 13% CMQ/OE, 10% CSSBB, 5% CSSGB

*     60% do NOT hold one(1)certification and 40% hold at least one certification  

Region 7 Membership Distribution


Reflecting on the region's past directors: Duckworth, Maio, Blixt, D�az, Calhoun, Underwood, Pape, Durgin; I am struck by the passion, devotion, leadership, and commitment to the quality movement they provided the region. We are all aware of the dedication and the sacrifices that go into planning, organizing and executing a section event. I ask you: What are you willing to work hard for? We all view education as the direction for the future. I ask you: Have you outreached and mentored a student branch member? We all have been part of a highly functioning team where everyone's contribution was vital to the team's success, and how everyone's collaborative efforts advanced the team. I ask you: Will you join such a team - our team - now?


What advice can I give for the next 50 years: �Darle Ganas! This loosely translates to giving your all in your assigned/volunteer task with passion, emotion, and commitment. Vince Lombardi said it best, "The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Work is the key to success, and hard work can help you accomplish anything." With this attitude, I foresee Region 7 will: diversify its market share, engage its members to greatness, strengthen its student chapters, foster its young quality professionals, educate its members in our chosen profession - Quality, and be the first in the nation to sponsor an ASQ Jr. Chapter for high school students. Please join me as we chart a course to new heights through the next 50 years.




El�as Monr�al


ASQ Board of Director

ASQ Region 7 Director

ASQ MQD Membership Chair


R7 Membership Data