15 May 2012
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New RRS Pocket Pod
Top Pot Doughnuts Won Our Hearts
Kauai Krocodile Tears
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We are proud to announce that the RRS Pocket 'Pod is ready. In fact, the brand-new RRS table top tripod will ship within a week! With a 100 pounds load rating, this beautiful work of art will give you plenty of support when you find yourself in situations that don't allow for a full sized tripod. Perfect for the traveling, on-the-go photographer, the Pocket 'Pod is only 6 inches tall (without a head) and is a feather weight at just 5.1 ounces. The leg tension is user adjustable. Order yours today!

Check out the review by Jaron Schneider over at FStoppers.com.


TFA-01 Pocket 'Pod with BH-25 MAS

Top Pot Doughnuts Won Our Hearts (and our stomachs)
A couple of weeks ago we got an email from one of our customers who wanted to thank us for our great products. He went on to encourage us to "keep up the innovation" and asked if he could send us some of his doughnuts (perhaps to fuel the brain?). Of course we didn't want to burden him, but he insisted and we were all too happy to oblige. What we didn't know was that we were being treated to a selection of the legendary Top Pot Doughnuts - hand-forged to perfection! 
These delectable doughnuts were hand packaged, overnight shipped to us from Seattle WA and were surprisingly still very fresh. We started out reserved and proper - until we had our first bites. After that, we were done for and the several boxes didn't last longer than a couple of minutes. What added to our delight was that the doughnuts were more than mouth-watering morsels, they were ART. They were beautifully made; their creators certainly have an eye for detail that we can appreciate. It was obvious to us that Top Pot is every bit as passionate about the quality of their doughnuts as we try to be about our camera support gear. As it turns out, one of the owners of Top Pot is an avid photographer and both have a flair for style. 
They put in tons of energy and love into their unique cafes and you should check them out here

They were even featured on the Travel Channel! It can be easily said that Top Pot Doughnuts are now the favorites here at Really Right Stuff (we're their new biggest fans) and if I'm ever in Seattle, or even Washington in general, you can bet I'm going to make a special trip to Top Pot!


 Joe Johnson Jr.


Kauai Krocodile Tears
Taro Dawn Reflections

I visited Hawaii's garden island of Kauai for the first time last month. We planned a fun and relaxing family vacation that of course included plenty of shutter time in the early morning for me while the rest of the tribe slept. I took delivery on the new SMC DA 645 25mm f/4 lens for my Pentax 645D just a week before departing, so I was excited to try out the fully weather sealed glass on an island known for having the most rainfall on the planet. True to form, Kauai's weather included plenty of rain during our stay which helped me conclude that the gear could certainly withstand the elements a lot longer than I could.


So how does one shoot in inclement conditions? I can't say that I really figured that one out very well. Luckily the gear was fairly bullet proof, and my nifty North Face Gortex jacket did its job well, but the hard part was actually capturing images in the rain that would be worth sharing with you. We did get a number of breaks in the rain, but it often came when we had other family activities planned or during the harsh mid-day light that I don't find very inspiring. All this whining belies the fact that I'm really not that great a photographer - the best always seem to come home with the goods while I, on the other hand, come home with fancy excuses and fish tales (wink).


One shot I don't mind sharing is Taro Dawn Reflections. I found this spot exploring a back road near Hanalei Bay on the north side of the island. I hope the image conveys why I'm quite happy with the new lens. I'm a fairly ardent fan of HDR photography as this shot testifies.  Five images were shot at various shutter speeds with the aperture set at f/16 and then processed using the Exposure Fusion feature of Photomatix Pro v4.0.2.


Joe Johnson Sr.


Camera Gear:    Pentax 645D, SMC DA 645 25mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM AW Lens, Pentax internal circular polarizer


RRS Gear:          TVC-23 tripod, TA-2-LC Leveling Base, PG-02 LLR Pano-Gimbal head, MPR-CL II rail


Exposure:            Various shutter speeds @ f/16, ISO 400


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