08 March 2012
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New WPF-QR2 Bracket
Mark's Review of TQC-14 Tripod
Maintenance Refresher
New Plates for New Cameras

Canon EOS-1D X
Nikon D800
Canon 5D Mark III
Olympus OM-D EM-5
Fuji X-Pro 1

We don't know what the ship date will be for these new plates, but we will post info via the product pages and social media as it becomes available.
Gear Introduced in the past month includes...
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New WPF-QR2 shown in use with multiple accessories and mounts; see Product Detail Page for details.
Really Right Stuff is proud to announce the brand-new WPF-QR2 Flash Bracket (will start shipping in mid-April). This incredible new bracket drastically expands the functionality of a traditional flash bracket. Our WPF-QR2 comes with one flash/accessory mount that is adjustable in position: place the strobe anywhere along the dovetail rail sections. Add additional FA-QRM mounts to accommodate multiple strobes or accessories.

WPF-QR2 Flash Bracket comes with one FA-QRM mount and one FA-QR1 off-camera strobe cord adapter.

Our WPF-QR2 with FA-QRM fully embraces our patent-pending SNAP™ QR System for strobes and accessories. The SNAP™ QR System is ideal for fast mounting and positioning of photo and video accessories, including strobes, microphones, LCD monitors, and other accessories. The system has 2 elements that snap together:
  • a SNAP™ QR adapter the mounts to the bottom of your strobe or accessory. The WPF-QR2 comes with one FA-QR1 adapter
  • a SNAP™ QR mount that accepts the QR adapter. The WPF-QR2 comes with one FA-QRM mount.
The WPF-QR2 folds flat, and the FA-QRM mount nests inside the bracket for storage. Add additional FA-QRM mounts to accept additional strobes or accessories.

Employee Review of our Series 1 Quick-Column Tripod
by Mark Gvazdinskas 
A few weeks back I went on a trip to some spots I hadn't visited in quite a while: Boulder, Colorado and my hometown of Springfield, Illinois. Since it's tough to predict Front Range Colorado weather in February, my checked bag was full of puffy coats and warm clothes-no room for my big TVC-33 Tripod and BH-55 LR Ballhead. But knowing I had to get some long exposures around the Flatirons in Boulder and would be doing family portraits back in Illinois, a tripod was simply a must. Mr. Johnson was nice enough to let me travel with the TQC-14 Tripod, BH-30 LR Ballhead and the compact TQB-47 Tripod Bag.

Yes, I'm an employee at Really Right Stuff but my passion for photography means I shoot nearly every day and if I don't like a product, I'm extremely vocal about it. Below is an account of my experience using the tripod, ballhead and bag.

Traveling to and from San Luis Obispo, California is no easy task and it took several flights to get to my multiple destinations. Over ten days I had 9 different flights-each was completely full-and I was easily able to carry-on the tripod/head combo every single time. Nice and compact, the TQB-47 doesn't even need to go into an over-head bin, preventing the "IT WILL FIT!" traveler from manhandling the gear. I was able to put the tripod, head and bag under the seat in front of me and relax knowing the "shifting luggage during flight" warning wasn't for me.

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Maintenance Refresher: How to Clean your Tripod
Last year we posted an in-depth, step by step tutorial for cleaning your tripod. As a new season approaches and we all gear up for upcoming photo trips, we want to remind you of the value of routine maintenance.

Keep in mind that sand and saltwater are your tripod's worst environmental enemies. Always disassemble and clean your tripod after exposure.


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