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November 2011
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Silver Edition E-P3 Plates
New Canon IS-II Lens Feet
Universal Leveling Base
Photoshop World Wrap-Up

Special Edition Silver L-Plate for Oly E-P3

When we received our silver E-P3 camera, we knew we wanted to do something special to match its retro look. We decided to make a small batch of clear anodized L-Plate sets, and they look great!

We only made one small batch of this special edition plate set; when they run out, we're out!
BOEP3-LSE Silver Edition L-Plate Set.

New Replacement Feet for Canon 300mm & 400mm IS-II lenses.


Pre-Order a replacement foot for these new Canon IS-II telephoto lenses.  We strongly recommend replacement of the Canon foot on these lenses instead of mounting a lens plate to the Canon foot. Especially with the new 300mm lens, only our replacement feet will deliver enough fore/aft adjustability for proper balance on a gimbal head.
  • LCF-52: fits Canon Canon 300mm/f2.8 IS-II
  • LCF-53: fits Canon 400mm/f2.8 IS-II 
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TA-U-LB Universal Leveling Base for all Tripods     

Our TA-U-LB Leveling Base is a universal leveling base that fits any platform or base with a 3/8"-16 threaded stud (base of leveling base has 3/8" threaded socket). The beautiful design is unlike any other leveling base on the market, and mates perfectly with our PG-02 Pano-Gimbal head and BH-55 ballhead.  


Why should you consider adding a leveling base to your tripod? After all, when you're using a ballhead you can simply shift the ball to get the camera level. But a leveling base is a valuable tool for 3 main reasons:


  1. Panoramas involve multiple shots that are later stitched together. The camera must be level for each shot, and that is hard to do with a ballhead (unless you have our PCL-1 panning clamp.
  2. If you're using a gimbal head instead of a ballhead, a leveling base is absolutely necessary. Otherwise you have to fuss with the tripod legs to level the head.
  3. If you're not using an L-plate, the only way to take a portrait shot is to flop the head over into the drop notch. If your ballhead is not level, your shot won't be either.


How does the Really Right Stuff TA-U-LB match up with the competition? Take a look:


  Really Right Stuff TA-U-LBAcratech Leveling BaseNovoflex MagicBalanceManfrotto 338
Load Capacity35 pounds25 pounds20 pounds33.07 pounds
Degrees of Float/Tilt151015 (but level not included)
Made in...USAUSAGermanyItaly
Height2.7 inches1.77 inches1.7 inches1.57 inches

(Specs are from the manufacturer's website, prices other than Really Right Stuff are from the B&H website.)


TA-U-LB on TVC-33 tripod
TA-U-LB on TVC-33 tripod
Photoshop World in Las Vegas
Photoshop World booth We made our annual trek to Las Vegas last month for Photoshop World. This is typically the only show we attend all year, and it was great to meet everybody who stopped by the booth. This year, we sent 4 of our best folks: Joe Johnson, owner of RRS; Mark, one of our top customer service reps; Verent, an engineer; and Joe Jr, Marketing Director. It's always a treat to meet our customers in person.

Las Vegas skyline 
2011 Joe Johnson Jr

Our booth staff are all shooters, so they were always on the lookout for good photo ops. On the top story of the parking garage at the airport, they found one! Read Joe Jr's story about the above image:

"Really Right Stuff was in Las Vegas, Nevada for a few nights during Photoshop World and luck smiled upon us. One of our engineers had to fly out early that night for a prior engagement and the trip to the airport rewarded us with a fantastic storm brewing right around sunset. Though we were sad to see Verent go, we couldn't get him out the door fast enough to attempt our capture of some of the magic that night. Good-byes rushed and tires squealing, we sped off to the parking structure that overlooked the airport and the city, setting up in a few spots before settling on where the shot above was taken. Now I'll be honest: I had never taken a pano before and prying Joe Sr. or Mark from their cameras for instruction was simply not going to happen. But, I had my pick of Really Right Stuff gear in tow and I'm not too bad at aping the pros. Shooting this 12 image HDR pano was a breeze: I set level, took three bracketed shots, panned and repeated the last two steps 3 more times. Using the right equipment was key in letting me focus on learning how to get the kind of shot I wanted."
Joe Johnson Jr, Really Right Stuff Marketing Director
Happy shooting!

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