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September 2011
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Plates for Nikon P7100
Plates for PEN E-P3
New Canon IS-II Lenses
Workshop Discounts
CA Photo Fest
New Monopod Head
Shooting on the Big Island

Plates for Nikon P7100

PRE-ORDER NOW! Plates will ship early October. Custom base plates  and L-Plates are available.

Olympus E-P3 Plates

Now Shipping! Custom base plates and L-Plates for the new Olympus PEN E-P3 camera. Our design beautifully complements this handsome camera.

New Replacement Feet for Canon 300mm & 400mm IS-II lenses.

Pre-Order a replacement foot for these new Canon IS-II telephoto lenses.  We strongly recommend replacement of the Canon foot on these lenses instead of mounting a lens plate to the Canon foot. These lenses are lighter than their predecessors, and only our replacement feet will deliver enough fore/aft adjustability for proper balance on a gimbal head.
  • LCF-52: fits Canon Canon 300mm/f2.8 IS-II
  • LCF-53: fits Canon 400mm/f2.8 IS-II 
Discount Codes for Really Right Stuff Customers

Light Photographic Workshops in Los Osos, CA is offering discounts to RRS fans for two upcoming workshops:
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California Photo Fest
Attend the 2nd Annual California Photo Fest here on the beautiful California Central Coast. 5 days, 18 instructors and 170+ courses & workshops. 
new MH-02 Pro head New Monopod Head with Indexing Clamp   

Our new MH-02 monopod head has an integral clamp.This integral clamp can be easily oriented either parallel or perpendicular to the tilt by simply unscrewing the Index Lock Knob and rotating the clamp to the next 90 position. No more tools or hardware to lose in the field!!


The MH-02 Pro with screw-knob style clamp is available now. The MH-02 LR with lever-release clamp will be available at the end of the year. 

Shooting on the Big Island
Bruce Omori 
Image taken by Bruce Omori in Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Joe Johnson, owner of Really Right Stuff:
"Last month, my family and I were fortunate to spend a week on the Big Island of Hawaii. Adding to my good fortune was putting my new Pentax 645D through its paces for the first time in any major way. This article includes my rationale for buying the 645D, first impressions of using the new camera and a few tips for shooting on the Big Island."

This month's article can be read in its entirety, or in parts:
Happy shooting!

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