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April 2011
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3 New Tripods
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Add cable clearance with our new CRS spacer block
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3 New Tripods in our Lineup

Three new Really Right Stuff carbon fiber tripods will start shipping in early June. Our successful line of Versa tripods now includes:
  • TVC-34L: Versa Series 3 tripod, extra long/tall, 4 sections per leg
  • TVC-33S: Versa Series 3 tripod, shorter than our TVC-33, 3 sections per leg
  • TVC-24L: Versa Series 2 tripod, extra long/tall, 4 sections per leg
Every element of these American made tripods is sourced exclusively from US parts and built by hand in San Luis Obispo, California. Pre-orders are now being accepted.

Don't know which tripod to choose? Check our Quick Guide for help.
2011 Catalog  
2011 catalog 
Websites are nice, but nothing beats a paper catalog full of our gear. Our 2011 catalog has over 80 pages of gear and advice. Call or email us to request your copy (international customers please download as PDF).

Our catalog is also available as a downloadable PDF. Click here. 
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CRS Cable Relief Spacer

CRSEven though we build side port clearance into all of our L-plates, sometimes even greater clearance is required. This is often the case when using "straight in" cables or when multiple cables are tethered. In creating our CRS Cable Relief Spacer, we also wanted to integrate a locking bar to prevent the cables from getting knocked loose accidentally.


Cable Relief Spacer
Cable Relief Spacer is a dovetail spacer block with cable lock.

This new item will ship in early June. Pre-orders are now being accepted. 
A Pelican Shoot


"North of sunny San Diego at the seaside village of La Jolla, serious nature photographers are treated to the best display of California brown pelicans found anywhere. Popularized among dedicated wildlife shooters by bird photographer Art Morris and local photographer Phillip Colla, there is a small bluff above La Jolla cave that has the ideal combination of elements that makes this so nearly perfect for pelican photography. Those elements can be capsulated in two key factors: 1) pelicans (and cormorants, and gulls...) love to land and hang out here; and, 2) photographers have easy, close access to the pelicans as they land, preen and take off against an azure blue Pacific background. I've tried shooting pelicans a number of times on California's central coast, at Pyramid Lake, Nevada and other places, and have never seen a more ideal location than the La Jolla cliffs.

I'd heard about the pelicans in La Jolla but had never actually shot there, so when I found out that my son had a January gymnastics meet in San Diego this year, I searched the Internet for details on exactly where to go. I found and downloaded an excellent article by Phillip Colla. I discovered that late December through February is the ideal time to catch pelicans when they're at the peak of their most colorful mating plumage. I also found on page 3 of Phillip's pdf article a Google map link that helped me drive right to the spot first shot out of the gun without ever having been there. 


La Jolla cliffs 
the La Jolla cliffs

The pelican photo that appears on the back cover of our spring 2011 catalog was taken early morning the day before my son's gym meet. I spent a couple of hours researching on the web and thanks in large part to Phillip's superb article, was able to get one of my favorite bird shots. The Nikon D3S with 200-400mm f/4.0 lens handled flawlessly on our new PG-02 LLR Pano-Gimbal head and I couldn't be more pleased."


Joe Johnson, owner of Really Right Stuff 

Happy shooting!

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