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January 2011
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L-Plate for D7000+Grip
Get our 2011 Catalog!
New 'Pod Feet
Now is the time for annual maintenance.

L-Plate for D7000+Grip

You've asked, and we've listened. A new L-plate for Nikon D7000 with the MB-D11 grip will be available soon.

Pre-Order MBD11-L plate here.
Nikon D7000 with MB-D11

Our 2011 Catalog is in!
2011 catalog

Websites are nice, but nothing beats a paper catalog full of our gear. Our brand new 2011 catalog is hot off the presses. Call or email us to request your copy (international customers please download as PDF).

Our catalog is also available as a downloadable PDF. Click here.
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Replacement Feet for your Legs:
choose Rock Claws or Spikes.
TA-3-FRC Rock Claw
New Rock Claw foot bites into rocky surfaces.

Launch your new year on the right foot by adding a set of our new tripod feet. Now shipping, our TA-3-FRC Rock Claws bite into hard, rough surfaces and won't let your tripod slip, even when slick surfaces are wet.

These unique feet are unlike any other tripod foot out there. Machined from 304 stainless steel, the sharp scalloped ridges make these the perfect feet for challenging conditions.

Coming later this month will be our TA-3-FS Spikes. Install a set of these 3-inch Spikes to stabilize your tripod in heavy crosswinds and on shifty terrain.

Both Rock Claws & Spikes feature Accidental Backout Prevention (ABP). No need to worry about your new foot coming loose and falling off, and no need to use threadlocker fluid just to keep the foot in place. Instead, ABP incorporates a Buna-N O-ring to create a unique seal that prevents accidental loosening.

Feet are also compatible with all Gitzo 'Pods Series 2 through 5.

TA-3-FS Spikes
Use Spikes to anchor your tripod in heavy crosswinds.
Lever-Release ClampNew Year Maintenance:
Lever Release Clamps


Now is a good time of year to perform routine maintenance on all of your gear. This month's focus will be Really Right Stuff lever-release clamps.

Have you ever flipped the lever open on your lever-release clamp, only to find that the clamp jaw doesn't pop open smoothly? Time for some maintenance!

The stainless steel lever on the clamp rides on a self-lubricating, wear resistant bronze bearing surface. But from time to time, we recommend placing a drop of lubricant on the shaft to prevent the stainless steel and bronze washers from binding. Here's what you do...
Step One: Squeeze Jaws Closed
Flip the lever to the fully open position, and squeeze the jaws together to expose the shaft. Blow out any dirt or grit with compressed air.
Step Two: Apply Lubricant
Then apply a drop of lubricant on the shaft and work the lever back & forth to evenly distribute. Wipe off any excess to avoid attracting dirt. We don't recommend WD-40; instead, use a multi-purpose synthetic oil or waterproof grease. Here in the shop we use a toothpick to apply a dollop of Phil Wood Waterproof Grease directly to the shaft.
Phil Waterproof Grease

Didn't read the User Guide that came with your lever-release clamp? Download one now.


TripodNext Month:
How to strip down your tripod legs for thorough cleaning. We'll cover Really Right Stuff Versa tripods and Gitzo tripods.
Happy shooting!

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