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December 2010
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New L-Plates
RRS Tripods & Monopods
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New PG-02 Pano Pkgs
Okavango Delta Wrap-Up

New L-Plates

BD7000-LNew cameras come out all the time, so we've released several new L-plates for the Nikon D7000 and P7000, as well as for the Canon 60D. And if you're looking for an L-plate for your new Canon G12, our BG11-L fits both the G11 and the G12.


MC-34 MonopodOur new carbon fiber monopod is now in stock. The tubes are crafted from the same "Big & Thin" technology that has made our Versa tripods so successful.

Our monopod can be purchased separately, or with our MH-01 monopod tilt head.

All Versa tripods are also in stock. Choose from compact Series 2 or full-size Series 3.

Versa Tripods
Our 2011 Catalog is in!
2011 catalog

Websites are nice, but nothing beats a paper catalog full of our gear. Our brand new 2011 catalog is hot off the presses. Call or email us to request your copy (international customers please download as PDF).

Our catalog is also available as a downloadable PDF. Click here.
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New PG-02 Pano Packages
PG-02 LLR in use
Our unique PG-02 Pano-Gimbal head has been shipping for 3 months now, and the response has been amazing.

Our PG-02 Head is an extremely robust and versatile pano head. But since it actually replaces the ballhead on your tripod, it's not the pano solution for everybody.

Introducing our PG-02 Omni-Pivot Packages.

We've been selling Omni-Pivot Packages for shooting multi-row panoramas for years. But one of the weaknesses has always been the ability to solidly lock down vertical panning for heavy loads. Our new PG-02 Omni-Pivot Packages are the answer. Composed of modular units that pack flat, these packages mount on top of your ballhead. Leveling is fast and easy, and pan lock secures any load (even your biggest telephoto lens).
PG-02 Pro Omni-Pivot Package
PG-02 Pro Omni-Pivot Package in Use.
Click through for more details.
The components of the PG-02 Omni-Pivot Package are, from bottom to top:
  • PCL-1 panning clamp for horizontal panning (image above shows additional PCL-DVTL for easy mounting in the clamp on your ballhead.
  • CB-10 camera bar is the horizontal component
  • PG-02 VA vertical arm is the vertical component (note large vertical pan lock knob)
  • B2 LR II clamp is mounted to face of PG-02 VA
  • MPR-CL II nodal slide helps eliminate parallax
The camera shown is a Nikon D300 fitted with our BD300-L L-plate. The package is mounted on our BH-55 LR ballhead (optional PCL-DVTL is used to mount PCL-1 panning clamp into lever-release clamp on top of BH-55 ballhead).

Okavango Delta Wrap Up

Lady Leopard HDR

"When I was preparing for our safari, I took quite some time reviewing images from folks considered experts in African photography. Like most, I loved the tight wildlife portraits and knew I'd inevitably shoot plenty of those, but the shots that spoke most deeply to me were very well composed wildlife-in-habitat images. Even though we would be going to the somewhat "jumbled" bush country of the Okavango Delta and I knew it would be difficult to find the right subject graphically situated in an un-cluttered environment, still I set my sights on getting at least one good one. I think I might have been successful with a couple, including this HDR image of a female leopard reclining on what looks to be the perfect cat-o-lounger. Look for the squirrel in the upper left."

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Favorite Safari Images

Happy shooting!

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