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              August 2010
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New Leica S2 L-Plate
How tall should your tripod be?
Pre-Order the New PG-02 Panning-Gimbal Head
Okavango Delta Updates

New L-Plate for Leica S2

L-Plate for Leica S2The Leica S2 is an amazing camera, and we are currently shipping our new custom L-plate for it, BS2-L. Our plate is the perfect complement to this camera. It uses a beefy 3/8" mounting screw, and the locator pin assures an anti-twist fit. A 360 view of this new L-plate mounted on the S2 can be seen here.

How tall does your tripod really need to be?

How Tall is Your Tripod?This is one of the questions we get all the time. For full-time use, most customers prefer a tripod that is tall enough to allow them to look through the viewfinder without bending over.

Minimum tripod height for comfortable shooting is about 10 to 12 inches shorter than you. This works because you add height with a ballhead & camera, and subtract height since your eyes aren't on the top of your head.

To help customers visualize different tripod/people combinations, we recruited Really Right Stuff staff to demonstrate. Click through to see a collage of different combinations!

PG-02 Panning-Gimbal Head to ship end of month.

Buy the new PG-02 Panning-Gimbal head that Joe & Joan field tested in Botswana. This unique head has two components: a robust Horizontal Bar with panning base, and a beefy Vertical Arm with quick-release clamp. This head excels as a gimbal head with the biggest of lenses, but also as a panorama head. Available with either lever-release or screw-knob clamps.

Pre-order PG-02 LLR with lever-release clamp, or

Pre-order PG-02 Pro/L with screw-knob clamp.
2010 Catalog
2010 Really Right Stuff Catalog

Websites are nice, but nothing beats a paper catalog full of our gear. Call or email us to request your copy (international customers please download as PDF).

Our catalog is also available as a downloadable PDF. Click here.
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Okavango Delta Update

Joan & Joe on Day 9
2010 Andy Biggs
Joan & Joe in Botswana
Well, Joe & Joan's first African safari ended after 9 days of shooting, shooting, shooting. The safari was a big success, and Joe was able to field test some exciting new gear. Luckily for those of us back in the office, Andy Biggs carried a satellite phone with him and was able to update his blog daily with stories and images. Click to read more from Andy and view his images from the safari.

Lion in Savuti,
2010 Andy Biggs
Lion in Savuti
What's that gear Joe is using? Stay tuned!
2010 Andy Biggs
Joan & Joe on Day One
We've already posted a number of videos from the trip:

Okavango Delta: The AdventureOkavango Delta: The Adventure

Joe discusses the trip in general at the Savuti Rest Camp on the final day of the trip.

Okavango Delta: PG-02 and MC-34 MonopodOkavango Delta: PG-02 & MC-34

Joe introduces the new Really Right Stuff PG-02 Panning-Gimbal head on the Really Right Stuff MC-34 monopod.

Okavango Delta: Safari RigOkavango Delta: Safari Rig

Joe introduces a prototype of the Really Right Stuff Safari Rig, a new concept for vehicle mounted camera support.

Okavango Delta: Lions Crossing the ChannelOkavango Delta: Lions

Lions approach the shooters from the opposite bank of the Savuti Channel.

Okavango Delta: Starting the DriveOkavango Delta: Starting the Drive

Elephants and wildebeasts cross the path of the shooters as they set out for another day .

Okavango Delta: Chitabe FarewellOkavango Delta: Chitabe Farewell

The Chitabe Farewell dance performed by the camp's drivers and staff.

Stay tuned next month for some terrific shots from Joe & Joan's first African photo safari.

Happy shooting!

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