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              July 2010
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New Telescoping Flash Extender, FA-QREX2
New Leveling Base
is Lightest in its Class
Made in the USA
Pre-Order Now: New
Versa® Series 2 Tripods
Okavango Delta, here we come!
New Item!

Our new FA-QREX2 flash extender is now available. This is a rigid, but lightweight, telescoping extension column that mounts atop our flash brackets to increase the vertical distance between the strobe head and the lens by an additional 6 to 10¼ inches. Great for eliminating "eyeshine" when using fill flash on wildlife.

This extender integrates our new patent-pending strobe/strobe cord quick-release system. If your flash bracket does not have this new strobe QR, buy our adapter set.

Series 3 Leveling Base

Leveling Base for the Really Right Stuff TVC-33 tripod and Gitzo Series 3 Systematic tripods. Remove the top plate from your tripod and replace it with this robust leveling base. Twist the handle to lock & unlock the base. Fluid motion allows smooth and fast leveling, no matter the load. At only 10.5 ounces, this is the lightest leveling base of its class on the market.

Now accepting pre-orders.

TA-3-LB Leveling Base
new CombatFlash CF
from Delkin Devices

Delkin's CombatFlash memory is built to go anywhere you can. . .and then some. All cards are manufactured in the United States where they undergo rigorous testing to ensure the best quality. These memory cards can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and altitude to always ensure the security of your pictures.  We offer CombatFlash cards in 3 sizes ranging from 8GB to 32GB, all with a life time warranty.

Joe Johnson-"I've used a variety of memory cards over the years and found Delkin's to be absolutely reliable. Really Right Stuff will carry the top-of-the-line models our customers will appreciate. The Combat line is screamin'-fast and I've bought four of the 32GB cards to take with me to Africa in a couple of weeks along with the four 16GB Pro-3 UDMA Delkin cards I already own. Delkin is a company with similar values to ours and I'm happy to recommend and offer their fine line of cards."

Delkin Combat  Flash - 32GB
2010 Catalog
2010 Really Right Stuff Catalog

Websites are nice, but nothing beats a paper catalog full of our gear. Call or email us to request your copy (international customers please download as PDF).

Our catalog is also available as a downloadable PDF. Click here.
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New Versa® Tripods Weigh Only 3.2 pounds and Support 40 pounds.

TVC-24 tripod with BH-40 LR ballhead
at Cerro San Luis Obispo
TVC-24 tripod at Cerro San Luis Obispo

Location: Cerro San Luis Obispo,
San Luis Obispo California USA, 11 June 2010

lly Right Stuff Gear Shown:
TVC-24 tripod; BH-40 LR ballhead

Apex of TVC-24 tripodNew Versa Series 2
Tripods: Choose 3 or 4 Leg-Sections per Leg

Building on the amazing success of our TVC-33 tripod (released in late 2009), we're pleased to announce the upcoming release of our TVC-23 and TVC-24 tripods. These slightly smaller Series 2 tripods with incredible load capacity incorporate all the same innovative features of our larger Series 3 TVC-33 and are now available for pre-order.
  • Made in the USA; every component of this tripod is US made, down to the smallest screw
  • carbon fiber tubes with CNC-machined T6061 aluminum apex and joints
  • Suregrip™ Apex Lock
  • superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • ratcheting angle stop
  • swiveling weight hook
  • offset leg joints
  • rubber twist locks
  • teardrop rubber feet
These new tripods are the perfect match for our mid-sized BH-40 ballhead. Purchase the BH-40 LR ballhead with the TVC-23 or the TVC-24 and save $30. This mid-sized package is the perfect solution for shooters who want maximum support with minimal weight.
TVC-24 tripod with BH-40 LR ballhead
TVC-24 tripod with BH-40 LR ballhead

Okavango Delta, here we come!
by Joe Johnson, owner

"In all our jaunts around the world, neither Joan nor I have ever been to Africa. Our whole married life we've wanted to take a photo safari, but time and family never seemed to allow. A year ago we decided to do something special for our 15th anniversary and finally booked a tour with Andy Biggs to see the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

                                   ©2009 Andy Biggs

I've always loved preparing for big trips almost as much as taking the trip itself. Anticipation is a fantastic motivator.  But I have to say an inordinately immense amount of planning has gone into this particular trip. I read Thom Hogan's excellent article entitled "The Big Trip" and felt more unprepared than ever.  Because we started early, though, I'm not totally clueless and we're just about ready..."

Read more about Joe & Joan's preparation for their big trip!

Preview our new Panning-Gimbal Head.

Preview Joe's detailed Trip List.

Happy shooting!

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