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October 2009
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Featured Product: New TVC-33 VERSA Tripod
RRS SureGrip Apex Lock Ring

2009 RRS catalog

● What is SureGrip?
▫ SureGrip is the mechanism on our new TVC-33 VERSA Tripod that keeps the apex locked in place.

● Why do I need it?
▫ Other tripods rely on a split apex to keep your accessories in place, and inherently suffer from a weakened structure and a lock that relies on friction alone. Even when locked down, it is possible for the center platform/column to fall out.

● How does it work?
▫ Our solid aluminum apex has a high strength steel ring that mechanically locks into place with set screws. In the locked position, all set screw heads are flush or slightly below the outside surface of the apex ring. In order for the platform or column to be removed, all three set screws must be loosened sufficiently to allow the SureGrip Apex Lock Ring to clear the corresponding channel in the platform/column. This gives the photographer a visual safety indicator that the apex is locked. This means you can carry your tripod over your shoulder with complete confidence.
Why Choose Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber Spools
Photo: Dusty Cline/

Carbon fiber is an excellent choice of material for tripod legs.  The very demands that photographers ask of their tripod (shock absorption, strength, light weight) are precisely what carbon fiber was designed to meet.  When compared to aluminum, or any metal for that matter, carbon fiber is both lighter and stronger.  However its performance isn't just based on its raw properties, but more so on how it is combined with other materials. 

Getting the most performance out of carbon fiber is highly labor-intensive, requiring numerous processes that are very different than those used in metal processing.  This makes carbon fiber parts typically more costly than their metal counterparts.
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2009 RRS catalog
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2009 Catalog
2009 RRS catalog
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TVC-33 Versa Tripod at the Oceano Dunes"VERSA TRIPOD DUNES"
by Joe Johnson, Image © 2009 Joe Johnson
Location: Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, Oceano, California,
23 July 2009, 7:23 pm.
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Lens: EF 24-105mm f/4L @ 24mm
Flash: MT-24EX
Support gear: RRS BH-40 LR ballhead, B5DII-L
Exposure: 1/100 second, f/13, ISO 100

dunesTVC-33 Shoot in the Dunes

Just 15 minutes from my house is one of the largest sea-side dunes on the US West Coast. Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes lie south of Pismo Beach off the Pacific Coast Highway. At sunset, the textures of the wind-blown sand are simply fantastic. In some places, the sand is almost crusty. In others, the sand splashes in front of your boots like surreal water as you walk, hypnotizing with each step. The dunes are a superb abstract; the perfect backdrop for shooting product shots of our new tripod. There are a few challenges, not the least of which is finding the ideal spot uncluttered by footprints at the right time of day. Add to that the complexity of placing the tripod inside this beautiful abstract without disturbing the ripples and at just the perfect position in relation to the background. And then dealing with the tripod's shadows. Not easy - but a lot of fun.

Placing the TripodWe tried various methods. Simply tossing the tripod in place didn't work. Using a pole to place the tripod didn't work. Interlocking hands and using my assistant-son as an anchor was pretty successful. In the image above, the tripod was light enough and I was able to kneel on one leg and extend the other one behind me as far as possible as a counter balance, then reach out and place the tripod gently into the scene. I like the way this one turned out.

Joe's Signature
Joe Johnson
Owner of Really Right Stuff

Joe's Soap Box
soapboxThe Drive to Build the Best

A while back, I got an itch to design a tripod that would marry the Really Right Stuff ideal of soul-satisfying feel and finish with best-in-class strength and resilience. Three years, thousands of design hours, numerous prototypes and weeks of field-testing later, I'm confident we succeeded.

Read more of the quest...

MH01Featured Product:
TVC-33 VERSA Tripod

2009 RRS catalog

made in usa flag

After 20 years of creating top-of-the-line camera support equipment, we proudly bring you the perfect accompaniment to our world renowned tripod heads. Based on first-hand experience and abundant input from seasoned professionals as well as extensive research and development, the TVC-33 Tripod is ideal for all varieties of studio and on-location photography.

Rated at 50 lbs, it will stand up to the heaviest of gear loads. Made from hard anodized billet aluminum, and the latest in carbon fiber manufacturing technology, the TVC-33 Tripod exemplifies ultra high quality and superb looks.

The TVC-33 Tripod features an interchangeable apex platform. This allows you to easily transform your tripod into a variety of configurations. They come standard with a flat platform, and can be interchanged for a Quick Column or any Gitzo® 3-Series Systematic accessory.

  • Price: $925
  • Weight: 4 lbs/ 1.8 kg
  • Load Rating: 50lbs/ 22.7 kg
  • Max Height: 58" /147.3 cm
  • Min Height: 4.5" /11.4 cm

Package Discounts:
  • Purchase with BH-55 LR ballhead and save $40.
  • Purchase with BH-55 LR ballhead and TQB-80 tripod bag and save $50.

Pre Orders now being accepted

Tripod brochure

Check out our informational brochure:
To learn more about the TVC-33 VERSA Tripod and all of its exciting features, click here to download our informational brochure. Be sure to read up on our one-of-a-kind SureGrip Apex Lock Ring and our unique carbon fiber legs.

TVC-33 Owners Manual:
Tripod Manual Cover
Click here to read about operating the TVC-33, tripod maintenance, and soon to be released Really Right Stuff tripod accessories.

Happy shooting!

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