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July 2009
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Photo Feature: "Hanging in Hawaii"
Article: June in Oahu
Featured Product: The BH-40 ballhead

2009 RRS catalog
top seller icontop seller icontop seller icon RRS FAQs:

● What is an L-plate?
An L-plate is an "L" shaped quick-release plate for your camera body. With dovetails on both the bottom and the LEFT side of your camera body, you are able to mount your camera in either landscape or portrait orientations while staying centered above your ballhead.
● Can I buy just one L-plate that fits all my cameras?
No, because L-plates are model specific. They are custom designed to fit specific cameras. This ensures a perfect, glove-like fit.
● But does the L-plate block my battery door, remote cable, or card slot?
No! Since each L-plate is custom designed to fit specific models, anything that needs clearance gets clearance.
● With an L-plate on my camera, will my camera feel heavy & bulky?
Not at all. We carefully radius all the edges to make the plate feel smooth and comfortable in your hand. And since each plate only weighs a few ounces, weight is not really an issue.
● When I travel I want my gear as light as possible. Can I use a conventional plate instead?
Lightweight travel tripod setups benefit the most from an L-plate. An L-plate keeps the load centered over the tripod, and this really helps when you're using a small head & legs.
● Do I need to buy a conventional plate and an L-plate?
No, you only need one or the other to mount your camera.
● I already have an L-plate, and I love it, but I can't mount in portrait with the cable release plugged in. What should I do?
You may be able to shift your L-plate away from the side of the camera to create additional clearance. Loosen the mounting screw and try to slide the L-plate to the side. The mounting slot will allow you to position the L-plate snug & close to the camera, or shifted out for greater clearance.

● Why are L-plates so expensive?
Because each one is individually CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum. That's some serious machining time!

● Who created the world's first custom L-plate?
We released the world's first custom L-plate in October, 1997, for the (then) new Nikon F5. We've been making 'em & improving 'em ever since.
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TopPhoto Feature
Joe Johnson
"Hanging in Hawaii" Laniakea Beach, Oahu
Images 2009 Joan Johnson, handheld Canon G9

About the shot:

Joe was using his Canon 5D Mark II with 180mm/f3.5 macro lens to shoot sea turtles. Laniakea Beach is paradise for turtle watchers! RRS gear that Joe used on his trip included an MPR-1 rail mounted on the foot of the lens collar, a BH-55 LR ballhead.
MH01June in Oahu
What Worked; What Didn't

Inspiration PointI'll continue last month's travel theme with a quick post-op of my one-week trip to Oahu with my family. You can see I've unashamedly copped Michael Reichmann's (luminous-landscape) "What Worked What Didn't" tag, which happily gives me great license to accumulate widely disparate stream-of-conscious thoughts in one article.


MH01Featured Product:
The BH-40 LR Ballhead 

BH-40 LR on GT2541
The RRS BH-40 LR ballhead on a Gitzo Series II Mountaineer tripod is a great choice when you need a full-featured head, but keeping the weight down is a must. This 4-leg section model collapses to a shorter length than an equivalent 3-leg section model. Stay tuned for the new Series II Traveler from Gitzo (coming this fall). The new Traveler model paired with our BH-40 head will be the ultimate mid-sized solution with the shortest collapsed length available.

Features & Benefits:

  • The 4-leg section GT2541 with BH-40 LR collapses & folds to a length of just under 25" ⇒ travels nicely strapped to your backpack
  • Need it to fit in your carry-on luggage? ⇒ Remove the center column/ballhead and carry separately. Now the legs are only 21"
  • supports 26 pounds ⇒ no need to leave your big glass at home
  • patented RRS lever-release clamp is fast & secure ⇒ top load your gear with ease
  • L-plate weighs less than 2-ounces ⇒ keeps the load centered


BH-40 LR ballhead, $375
Gitzo GT2541 tripod, $650

questionFrequently Asked Question:

Q: The hex keys you send with each plate are great, but do you have a tool that is more convenient for home or studio use?

Tip with WRN or HDL
A: Sure, try either our screwdriver handle (HDL) or mini ratchet wrench (WRN). Either of these tools will accept the snap-fit 5/32" hex tip (TIP). The HDL is great for easy installation of our mounting screws. And the WRN is perfect for installing a screw that needs a little bit more torque. Plus, the WRN is flat so slips into your travel bag nicely. Purchase each piece separately (tips are not included when you buy the HDL or WRN).
Send us your RRS shots!

From time to time, our shooters send us some extremely unique photos of our gear in action. We'd love to share some of these extraordinary shots with all of you. So we created a new Flickr pool. If you have a photo which prominently displays RRS gear in the image, please send it to our Flickr pool with a quick synopsis of the shot. Please include the equipment that you used to take the shot as well as the gear which is pictured.

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