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June 2009
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Photo Feature: "Gorilla Gear"
Article: Travel Photography Tips
Featured Product: The BH-25 ballhead

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This lightly padded Cordura pouch with soft microfiber lining measures 3-in wide by 4-in tall. It's perfect to cover our BH-40 ballhead, our MH-01 LR monopod head, or use it as a lens bag!


Side View of BPnS-S
*Actual Size!

Our BPnS-S plate fits even the slimmest of cameras. Great for your pocket camera!

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TopPhoto Feature

Gorilla Gear
"Gorilla Gear"  Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
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Images 2009 Mary Ann McDonald

About the shot:

Since 2003 we've been traveling to Rwanda to photograph the magnificent Mountain Gorilla, one of the world's most endangered and certainly one of its most charismatic primates. This year we were delighted, and proud, to conduct our 46th through our 50th trek, an accomplishment that has never been achieved before. Other photographers, we were told, have done as many as 35 treks, but no one has brought groups of 5 or 6 other photographers with them, and the Park personnel truly appreciated the publicity and financial support we've been able to provide. Knowing what great good the Rwanda staff at Volcanoes National Park have done here, we are more than happy to have helped.

Joe McDonaldIn an email after his trip, Joe wrote to us "Just wanted to let you know that we love the BH40s we got before heading to Ethiopia. We used them, instead of our usual BH55s, because we needed to shave weight for trips to Rwanda and Ethiopia and the ballheads did great with our 28-300s and also our 500mm lenses. In fact, I may have a BBC winner at 1/200th sec with the BH40! I'd recommend the BH40 for anyone serious about cutting weight while still enjoying a quality, rock-steady ballhead."  

About the Gear & the Guides:  

Joe & Mary Ann were using our BH-40 LR ballhead on Gitzo 1325 Systematic tripods (now discontinued - replaced by GT3530LS). For over fifteen years Joe and Mary Ann have been teaching photography courses and leading photography tours and workshops. Their very popular photo tours and safaris have them afield for over twenty-five weeks each year. Visit them at and read their trip report.
MH01Travel Photography:
Brought to you by Bryan Geyer
Founder & former owner of RRS

Bryan GeyerI'm "semi-serious" when I shoot travel. To me, this means toting stuff that's got more capability than some top-tier point-and-shoot (e.g. Canon G10), but not so much that my gear impedes walking miles of city streets or sliding into an intimate bar or eatery. And my trips today (I'm retired) are always with my wife, so I shoot "on-the-fly"-no tripod except a tabletop-and my load is limited to a small (LowePro D100 AW) shoulder bag.

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MH01Featured Product:
The BH-25 LR ballhead

BH-25 LR Ballhead
BH-25 LR Ballhead on Gitzo GT1541T Traveler tripod. The Canon G10 (not included) is fitted with our custom L-plate, BG10-L.

The RRS BH-25 LR ballhead on the Gitzo Traveler tripod is one of the best travel gear setups we know of. Light, quick setup, collapses & folds to just under 16-inches. Camera not included.

Features & Benefits:

  • collapses & folds to a length of 16" ⇒ easily fits in your carry-on luggage
  • supports 18 pounds ⇒ no need to leave your SLR and fast lenses at home
  • patented RRS lever-release clamp is fast & secure ⇒ top load your gear with ease
  • L-plate weighs less than 2-ounces ⇒ keeps the load centered


BH-25 LR ballhead, $175
or BH-25 Pro ballhead, $145
Gitzo GT1541T tripod, $575

L-plate for Canon G10, BG10-L, $88

questionFrequently Asked Question:

Q: I already have a BH-25 ballhead on my travel tripod. How can I use this as a lightstand for off-camera flash?

A: Grab one of our FA-CS3 flash adaptors. This insulated cold shoe has a quick-release plate built into it. Use it to mount any hot shoe strobe into a Really Right Stuff clamp. For Nikon shooters, this cold shoe even has a recess to accommodate the locking pin on Nikon strobes (also fits the newer SB-900).
Send us your RRS shots!

From time to time, our shooters send us some extremely unique photos of our gear in action. We'd love to share some of these extraordinary shots with all of you. If you have a photo which prominently displays RRS gear in the image, please send it to us with a quick synopsis of the shot. Please include the equipment that you used to take the shot as well as the gear which is pictured. Thank you to Bill Smith for this month's photo!
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