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March 2009
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Photo Feature: "Penguin Shooters"
Article: Get the Most out of your Tripod
Featured Product: Long Lens Support Packages

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BH-55 LR
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Camera Bar Y-Support & Long Lens Support Packages:
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CBYS Y Support
CB-YS Long Lens Support

TopPhoto Feature
penguins"Penguin Shooters"
by David C. Schultz
equipment used: RRS BH-55 Pro, LCF-14 foot for Nikon, Gitzo Carbon Fiber tripod, Nikon 200-400mm AF VR lens, Nikon D2X.
Image 2009 David C. Schultz
About the shot: These are Emperor penguins and the location was an area in the Weddell Sea near Snow Hill Island, Antarctica. It's always amazing to sit and watch the penguins and to see how curious they are, with us and our gear. I purposely set up my camera near one of the rookeries then just backed off for a while to see how they would react. I did this several times during the 6 days we were at this location and managed to capture several images of the penguins looking around the gear. This was by far my favorite with the one penguin apparently looking through the viewfinder while his buddies posed for him. Image taken October of 2008.

Send us your RRS shots!

From time to time, our shooters send us some extremely unique photos of our gear in action. We'd love to share some of these extraordinary shots with all of you. If you have a photo using our gear which you'd like to share, please send it to us with a quick synopsis of the shot. (If possible, please include the equipment that you used).  Thank you to David Shultz for this month's photo. (David has a great web site, btw).
TripodTack Sharp Images-Part 1:
  S.M.A.R.T. Tripod Stability

BH-55 on Gitzo Tripod
Joe's Soap BoxI love "Good Vibrations." It takes me back to 1966 when my folks had just moved to San Diego County, California from Texas. I was enamored by the laid-back West-Coast style and quickly abandoned "y'all" for "you guys" and Bob Wills for the Beach Boys. But when it comes to creating tack-sharp images, we want to keep those "good vibrations" in the Beach Boys song where they belong-and NOT in our camera or tripod! This first of many installments on how to take tack-sharp images is devoted to maximizing tripod & camera stability.
(Think: S.M.A.R.T.) 

Rainbow Pano

Article by Joe Johnson
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LongLensFeatured Product:
Long Lens Support Packages

CB-YS QR Single Pkg
These long lens support packages deliver robust support when using long telephoto lenses. Two points of support provide the extra stability needed to eliminate flex. Package can be configured for almost any camera & long lens combination.

RRS offers two long lens support packages:

Use the CB-YS Single Quick Release Package (above) if you intend to use it with only one main telephoto lens or if using a hex-key to adjust the height of the "Y" in the field does not intimidate you. Spend the extra $60 on the CB-YS Dual Quick-Release Package (below) if you intend to use multiple lenses in the field and want tool-less quick adjustability.

Installation: First mount lens foot in
B2-Duo clamp, then slide along the CB-10 rail to adjust for proper balance. Adjust the height of the Y-support to solidly stabilize the barrel of the lens. Lock Y-support into place with provided hex key. Our tests show up to 15% resolution improvement over mounting long lens foot alone. (Packages do not include camera lenses.) 

view installation manual

CB-YS QR Dual Pkg
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