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February 13, 2009
Welcome to Resort Management!

It's here, Resort Management's first email newsletter! This tool will allow us to share information with our staff and customers regarding exceptional vendors, changes to the law and even a few tips that might make condominium or homeowner's association living a little easier. We welcome your input and suggestions for future publications.
The intent of this newsletter is to establish a level of communication with you, our customer, and to be able to do so at email speed. A minimum of two publications per month will be sent to you with a unlimited amount of time sensitive material being sent in additional e-newsletters. We are excited to be able to keep our cutomers well-informed. 
This email has been directed to Board of Directors only, however future newletters will be sent to owners that register with us online via our webpage at or by clicking on "Join Our Mailing List" on the bottom of the right column.
Carrie Rosenow
Marketing Director
Resort Management 
Celebrating 20+ Years! 20years
This is Resort Management's 21st year in business. We have been managing properties in Southwest Florida since 1988.
During those 20+ years we have built an excellent reputation industry wide. Most of all, we are thankful to have each and every one of you as part of the Resort Management family.  
Please visit for more information on Resort Management and the opening of our new Ft. Myers office!
Links and Featured Vendors
Currently we are working with the cities of Marco Island and Naples to provide important information and bulletins as they happen. This will be of major importance during times of disasters such as hurricanes and hot topics that concern your community. In addition to links to the City and County Government Offices we will be providing you with links to Lawyers, Accountants, and Insurance Brokers to name a few. These links will in some cases provide the viewer powerpoint presentations explaining the recent changes to law insurance issues.  
All vendors that appear in our publications will be  companies that have demonstrated high standards and integrity in our past relationships with them. Please note that their appearence in our e-newsletter is not intended to be a solicitation, all vendors featured are licensed and insured. For the record, Resort Management does not have ownership in nor do they profit from the success of these companies in any way. Resort Management does however own and operate two vendors which are as follows; RCS Resort Contracting Services and Resort Pest Control, an Interior Pest Control Company.  
Mango Bay HomeWatch Services
Mango Bay Home Watch, LLC 
Jim Gault (239) 642-0026 or         
Jeff Johnson (239) 877-0996
Leaving for the season, away on vacation, or welcoming guests, your property is important because it is your home and investment.  All home owners have concerns about their property when they are away.  Mango Bay Home Watch, LLC services assure that your home is checked on a regular basis to prevent and/or reduce any serious damage.  Many insurance companies require that a vacant home be monitored on a regular basis for the insurance coverage to be effective (talk to your insurance agent for details).
After each visit, you will receive a checklist describing the services provided. Any action needed will be discussed with you first and then carried out per your instructions.
Please contact Jim or Jeff for more information. Licensed and Insured.

How Are We Doing?
Survey Invitation 
If we lived in a perfect world obviously there would not be a need for this survey, however that not being the case, we encourage your comments! By going to our main webpage and clicking on the "How Are We Doing" link. You will be able to share your thoughts with us in regards to all phases of our operation. Your comments will be reviewed and used to improve our performance in those areas. Your thoughts and opinions are very important to us and if requested, we will personally respond to your survey.
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Celebrating 20 Years
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How Are We Doing? Survey
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Carrie Rosenow, Marketing Director
Resort Management
Some plants and flora are actually natural pesticides, believe it or not. Tobacco plants are one of the plants that insects don't feed on, or shouldn't. The only species of bug that can get away with it is appropriately named the cigarette beetle.
Brought to you by RESORT PEST CONTROL.  
For Information on Resort Pest Control Services, please call Mike Bagnoli at 239-352-4100.