Though this letter may seem lengthy, we hope that you read the information with tools of guidance to assist you in lifting the layers


Message from Mary


"Lifting the Layers"


September 19, 2010



Humans are witnessing a rapid awareness, an awakening, and a consciousness of Oneness.  We are in the greatest Transition ever; our DNA Makeup is an experience of our time line.  It is a conscious choice that we have decided to "Lift these Layers" of our past energies; to be removed of the old makeup; the cloth and identity that can no longer serve of us.   


As we have moved from the 3rd dimensional world to a 5th dimensional Energy Field, we are beginning to Spiral "upward" from our original descent.  From the beginning, as humans, animals and all the living descended into a matter of density, it is now through higher consciousness and lessons that we are making a choice to Ascend, to rise above, and lift us to the greater experience known as Oneness. 


As millions are making this shift, the energy moves in a speed far greater than our understanding. Our Highest Consciousness agreed to let go and detach from past life energies, repetitive patterns and the old makeup through our DNA.  Due to this release the human embodiment is going through MAJOR Mental, Emotional and Physical tests at this time.  The seven major chakras (centers) must now be programmed to withstand the newest elements from the Language of Light coming into us.  Many of us have been preparing for this beautiful shift to occur, knowing the challenges and difficulties we will endure.   


There is a "mutation" process occurring that allows us to move to greater realms of existence. Although this mutation process is created for your existence in the New Beginning, we must still complete the old patterns of the past.  While going through this transition from old to new, it may become overwhelming, spiritually exhausting, difficult and almost impossible at times.  The magnetic "pulses" resonating are creating an influx or push spinning energy in every direction.  This is why it is VITAL to create the INWARD energy at this time.  Inward energy is taking time for you, meditating the Whole being through breath, detaching the emotional stress from other's issues or problems.  We cannot stress enough,...the importance of breathing the breath of pure Light Energy into your makeup, your being, your spirit.  (a good example of self commitment & awareness; you are in an airplane, there is suddenly a change in the aircraft, turbulence, emergency; the Oxygen masks drop, you have been "trained" to place the "BREATH of LIFE" on YOU first, and then assist the one next to you).  You have been preparing your entire journey for this shift in energy. You Trust, you know; you are filled with pure Light and Love.  You know your outcome; you will be safe, unharmed and fully protected in the arms of the Angels that fly with you.  This is the time to fully be aware and conscious, for we have known of this time of change to come, and it has arrived and we will survive. 


The Mind (mental) is going to go through some of the most undesired times of one's life.  Voices are speaking as never spoken before, emotions are flaring to an all time high, physical illness and dis-ease, and the purging of old being lifted.  Egos are placing their control onto others far greater than ever before. Push come to shove experiences are going to occur and Jealousy will be abundant, created from the old (Ego) thinking.   



The reason your body is going through these multiple changes, due to the Electromagnetic Solar Flare energy that has transmuted into our solar plexus creating an electric charge that has stimulated and empowered an "over-control" energy that is sending these energy flares throughout your system. This occurrence is a discombobulating configurement stemmed from the neurobiological (nervous system) energy makeup.  The "energy" in the bloodstream is being injected with the "old" memory energy (negative karma) moving at rapid speed releasing a secretion from the glands of the Endocrine system.  This "old" makeup is a housed (stored) memory in a past, present or future memory cell.  As the cell is "pushed" open from the electromagnetic solar flare transmission, its dormancy is imploded, opened, extracted and convulsed throughout your system, especially the mental and emotions, thus creating the physical to respond with aches, pains, illness or other that has finally been pushed to its  limits.  This convulsion feels like a "Jack-Hammer" inside your entire body.  This "Jack-Hammer" effect is the lifting of all old karmic layers that must be removed in order to sustain the new Illuminated makeup of the Golden Frequency.  What seems to be of the most difficult of times, is actually the knowing that soon,....we will be free.  Free to be in a non-judgmental frequency field from our mental (ego), emotions in an undisturbed, balance, and our physical body free from illness, dis-eases and negative karma.  This WILL bring us Inner Peace, Light Language, and Oneness. 


This language will bring awareness, teachings and truth.  It is simply to be in tune, paying attention, and ALLOWING the embodiment to go through these changes, these mutations.  By blocking, stopping, becoming frustrated, temperamental, and angry or NOT understanding will prolong the embodiment to process this natural occurrence of our new beginning, our new makeup to sustain and maintain the vibrancy of our collectedness, our gathering, our Oneness.  


The NEXT THREE months will be a continual trial of your survival.  Rounding out the remaining of 2010 is a very important test of time.  We bring this message to you as a Tool to help you gain access into the INFINITE symbol of Light Frequency.  Please consider the following tools as a way to help you be released from the panic, pains, and lack of understanding created by this shift:


Teaching Tools:

Sphere; this tool is used as an image to begin a "re-rotation" upward spiral in Ascent.  The Sphere will encode and program the "emotions" of ALL that you are attached too.  You have been "wired" in an old makeup to keep you in a lower frequency, held to a past or worry of a future, forgetting the Presence.  The Sphere will set you free and rise above the emotional deficiency.  The Sphere has no beginning and no end, its representation is completeness to old energy, old ways, mind control or behavioral thinking patterns.  This Sphere will help release all that we need to of old, and to reach the realization of our own innate perfection.


Disharmony is created by sharpness, edged angles and misalignment.  The Sphere is optimal energy, flow and is harmonious.  The body needs Harmonics to symphonize the flow of this new energy throughout your embodiment creating BALANCE. 


Uploading this Frequency Sphere:

Give yourself permission to "encode" your makeup with this Sphere as a continual Alchemy of Love and Light.  Upon permission, you are allowing YOURSELF to HEAL and guide you into the higher frequency and dimensions of our Eternal.  This Sphere is the Code of Self Healing.  This Sphere is drawn from sacred geometry and delivers the uprooting from once a spiral descent.  This uprooting and trapped energy caught between the Time Lines of experience, will bring the vines of past, outstretched, entwined and mutated experiences coiled in our spines, a FULL release, cleansing and purifying wholeness, known as Tree of Life.


In a meditative, relaxed, ego free and undisturbed energy field, ask your embodiment to be surrounded by the White and Golden Light.  Visualize a Green, White and Pink Centered Sphere entering your entire body.  See the Sphere "weave" a re-rotation and presence of light into your Root Chakra and see it begin to spiral in an upward movement all the way to your crown chakra.  This Sphere is now spiraling into your energy field, sacred geometry, keys and pyramid transmissions.  This spiraling effect will produce an electromagnetic charge to lift the layers of dormant disharmonic energy, traced cell memory back to the conception into the split of the cell from the beginning, and remove negative karmic imbalances and guilt caused by conflict and confusion.  As the frequency begins to spiral upward, it will encase you into the Merkaba, keeping you leveled, balanced, calm, undisturbed and free.  This Spherical Merkaba will keep you in a movement of continual light frequency to sustain your balance from one dimension to the next. 



Encasing the Sphere

After you have energetically encoded your being with this Sphere, it is also that we encase this energy with Alabaster.   This Color Frequency will "dust" or "powder" the embodiment and Aura to create a continual "medicinal healing frequency".  This layered energy holds an "enlightenment" experience and a continual Spiral of Ascent.   Visualize your body, mind and emotions with the Alabaster Frequency in an uplifting experience.  See "Light" flowing through your entire body.  Feel the skin, derma, flesh magnetize trillions of Light Beads to you, encircling and encasing you; each of the seven charkas and mental now being filled with these Light Beads.   Let the harmonics of Mozart, Beethoven and Elgar be the symphony to this healing. 



Giving Gratitude allows the acceptance and continues appreciation of this gift.  


Maintaining the Movement of this Sphere:

Meditation, Yoga, Quiet time, Detoxification from foods, drinks, medications, etc., Exercise, Lavender Bath, Cleanses and 13 Star Code Activations (visit for information on the Star Codes). 



We are the prodigy of light; void of time and space

Masters of light frequency

Conducting through no reasoning of the mind

 Rather that only of Pure Love




Note to the Reader:

This writing is of Oneness. To because you care.  Please forward to those of same light interest and even those whom may not understand.  For it is the Light Code Frequency admitted just by reading these words.  Please feel free to post for others, although we ask you to keep the words and contents in its original format, for Alchemy is the healing element within.


In Grace and Honor to you

Reverend Mary Martin 

  Mystic Illuminist
  (480) 497- 3291