CCAR Leadership Travel

CCAR Leadership Travel Series 5771
The CCAR Leadership Travel Series 5771 includes trips that have been
customized especially for Rabbis who are CCAR members. The focus of these trips is to familiarize Rabbis with various Jewish destinations around the world as well as with the different aspects of Israel. These leadership trips also offer opportunities for study with colleagues and for special encounters with counterparts, people of interest and opinion makers.

All of the trips are subsidized. Spouse rates are available.
Please note that space is limited.

Tel Aviv Panorama

Israel and Your Community
October 31 - November 7, 2010
A Leadership Trip - Israel for New Rabbis. This trip focuses on Colleagues ordained within the past ten years as well as others who would like to learn how to develop a group trip for their congregations. Register Now!180

Berlin Panorama

Why Germany...Followed by Renewal in Israel
January 18 - 27, 2011
A look at the origins and rebirth of Reform Judaism in Germany and continuing with a spiritual search in the Israeli desert. Exploring our leadership from Germany to Israel, this trip provides a continued learning opportunity, building on the success of the CCAR 2009 Israel Convention's first international Beit Midrash. This trip is designed for rabbis in search of an unusual, intensive Torah study and a spiritually charged experience in Germany and Israel. Register Now!777

Prague Panorama

Prague and Vienna - In Search of Jewish Leadership
April 28 - May 4, 2011
A Leadership trip for Rabbis who would like to explore two focal points of Jewish and cultural life in Europe, in the cities that were home to Franz Kafka, the Maharal, Theodor Herzel and Sigmund Freud. 777Register Now!
Head to the Lowlands, locally known as the Shefela, which are the foothills between Israel's mountains  and the coastal plain. Read More!
Our team of destination specialists is always available to help craft trips and figure out tour details. Each of us has experience and specific knowledge of destinations around the world and uses that expertise to create unforgettable tours for your congregation. Connect with Us!  

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