January 2011


The new year is here and it's time to look ahead and envision what you want your future to look like.  What are your goals, your dreams?  Do you have a game plan in place as to how you're going to get to where you want to be?  Remember Steven Covey's principal of, "beginning with the end in mind."


In this month's newsletter, we'll take a look at one person's dream and how they achieved it.  Just as we encourage our youth to have dreams for the future, so too should we.  With vision, patience and determination we can realize our dreams. Make 2011 the year to reach for the stars and make your dreams come true! 

Don't Stop Chasing Your Dreams  By John Boe

In the mid 1970s, a man named Sylvester had a dream of one day becoming a movie actor, but couldn't find a talent agency in New York City willing to take a chance on him. After being turned down by hundreds of agencies, he was so broke that he couldn't afford to pay the heating bill in his apartment. It got to the point where he couldn't even buy food for his dog and was forced to sell him to a stranger for $25.

Sylvester and his wife argued constantly about their lack of money and she wanted him to give up his dream and get a job to pay the bills.

Two weeks after he sold his dog, he watched a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and "The White Hope," Chuck Wepner. For 15 rounds, Wepner battled the champ and took the best Ali could dish out, but would not give up. Sylvester was so moved by Wepner's display of passion to keep fighting that he began writing a movie script immediately after the fight was over. He wrote continuously for 20 straight hours and finished the script in one sitting. Read More...

Have you claimed your space in your local Patch?Patch 
I've been really intrigued by a new local-news website called "Patch".  It started last summer when they came around and took pictures of the store for my "free" directory listing.  Of course I was skeptical, but they've really done a nice job building up the site, and I truly do have a free directory listing that I'm able to add photos, videos, events and more.  There are additional advertising opportunities, but I recommend claiming your space in your local Patch so that you can take advantage of this new resource. 

With the focus they have on local news, community groups, school sports, etc.  I'm expecting that their readership will grow, and it will be a daily destination for those communities that have it.  Click on the image to the left to go to the main Patch for Birmingham, and click here if you want to check out the directory listing for EmbroidMe.

Tipping the Trade show Scales in your Favor

A trade show promotional item given away at your booth can help draw traffic, create recall after the show, and provide contact information in a unique, memorable way to prospects.   EmbroidMe can help you select the best promotional item(s) for your event.

At first glance, an event's crowded exhibition hall seems like a treasure trove for prospecting, generating viable new leads and driving product sales for your organization. Yet, considering all the distractions of the show and your competition in the industry vying for the attention of conference attendees, interest-grabbers in the form of unique tradeshow giveaways or useful promotional items can help draw more people to your display booth.  With increased booth traffic, you will have the opportunity to meet and pre-qualify more prospects. And with a greater prospect pool, you will likely yield a greater number of viable leads and new customers.

According to Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training, event attendees are 52% more likely to stop by your exhibit if you have an appealing promotional item to give them.  As a result, awareness and interest in your exhibit and product line increase -- and you enhance potential for greater sales performance.  So, what kind of promotional items are most effective?

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Top Promotional Items for Winter Advertising
Valentines Day Promos
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Top Promotional Items for Winter Advertising
By Gareth Parkin
Seasonal advertising can help you increase your bottom line by appealing to people's sense of timeliness. By tailoring your advertising and promotional campaigns to the weather and the season, you're aligning your company in the same time frame as your customers, and referencing what's currently happening in their lives. If you're giving out t-shirts in the middle of winter, people are far less likely to be impressed with your offerings. Instead, think seasonal when you're designing your advertising promotions and choose season-appropriate promotional items.

Winter Advertising

Winter promotions call for special promotional items that take the season into account. There are a number of ways to reference the winter season in the promotional items that you choose. You might, for instance, choose wintery artwork on all purpose promotional items like mugs or desktop items. You might choose to give out items that have a connection to the season, or make life easier in that season.

Winter Advertising


Design Your Apparel HERE!

DesignYourOwnItemHave you tried our super cool on-line design tool?  Click on the image to the right and you'll be directed to the Apparel Design Studio where you can design your own custom polo, t-shirt, hoodie and MORE!

Valentines Day Promos
Valentines Day is right around the corner and a great time for a Valentines Day promotional campaign. Below are just a few of the many products available which can be used for this type of campaign.
At EmbroidMe, we have access to hundreds of thousands of promotional products for all types of campaigns. Give us a call and let our experts give you ideas for your next campaign.

Prices are in US$ and include a one color/one location imprint (except chocolates.)

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Linkedin.com has a great many levels, one of which is "Groups." Groups can be predicated on a particular business vertical such as mobile, or very granular such as Word Of Mouth Marketing. There are all kinds of professional sectors that have groups. We encourage you to join one closest to your discipline and participate. This way you can understand the etiquette, time commitment and interest level.

Groups have a great deal of value:

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