Fall 2012
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Media In Our Image
Women Dominate Social Media Landscape
Women's Studies Quarterly recently commissioned a multimedia piece by Johanna Blakley that expands on a TED talk she gave on Social Media & the End of Gender. Exploring the implications of women's dominance of social media platforms all around the world, Blakley argues that we have an unprecedented opportunity to invent new rules for the way we capture, define and represent ourselves to the world. The multimedia component of the WSQ piece, which lives on Tumblr and Pinterest, showcases a new mode of portraiture in which taste preferences trump demographics.
Bill Moyers Marty Kaplan
Big Money, Big Media, Big Trouble
Lear Center Director Marty Kaplan was the featured guest on an episode of Moyers & Company. Kaplan argues that big money and big media have coupled to create a Disney World of democracy in which TV shows, televised debates, even news coverage is being dumbed down, just as the volume is being turned up. The result is a public certainly more entertained, but less informed and personally involved than they should be. Watch the episode here.
Dan Rather Marty Kaplan
Kaplan & Rather on the Future of News
Legendary reporter Dan Rather talked with Marty Kaplan and Variety's TV critic Brian Lowry about the state of television ratings, the evolution of viewing platforms and the future of the news industry. Watch the interview here. Kaplan also interviewed Rather for the Writers Bloc Presents series. Drawing on their common backgrounds in media and politics, Kaplan and Rather discussed what's in store for the upcoming election. Read the transcript here.
Johanna Blakley Tribeca
Johanna Blakley spoke at the Tribeca Film Festival alongside acclaimed film director Brett Ratner and other industry pros on a panel discussing how brands and filmmakers are increasingly collaborating on films. 

 Watch the panel
Marty Kaplan From Attention to Engagement
Kicking off the tenth anniversary celebration of Barcelona Media, Marty Kaplan's talk on the transformation of the content industries explores the impact of Big Data on business models and democracy.

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Norman Lear 90 Years in 90 Seconds Birthday
In July, television pioneer and philanthropist Norman Lear celebrated his 90th birthday. The Lear Center marked the occasion with a video that showcases his amazing 90 years in 90 seconds. 

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Christine Borgman Data Sharing
UCLA professor Christine L. Borgman is an author in the fields of information studies, computer science & communication. As part of the Lear Center's Creativity & Collaboration in the Academy initiative, Borgman presented issues in data sharing. The deluge of research data has everyone excited with the possibilities for exploring problems from climate to culture. Yet the very definition of "data" is contested, and determining whether something is "independently understandable" is problematic. Watch video
Lev Manovich Big Data
The availability of massive amounts of data together with the tools for their analysis is having transformative effects in many fields - from business to science, from government to the arts. Visual Arts professor Lev Manovich created the Software Studies Initiative at UC San Diego to explore the theoretical consequences of using computation methods for the study of culture, and to develop techniques and software tools that enable humanists and social scientists to work with massive visual data sets. Watch the talk here
Neal Baer Hollywood Health Society
Hollywood, Health & Society
Written By magazine recently featured a cover story on the Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S) Storybus tour, which provided writers and producers with a firsthand look into the health effects of climate change. The program also took a group of writers and producers on a global health research trip to South Africa and India. HH&S also recently co-sponsored a lively panel with the CAA Foundation on the ways that citizen engagement addresses pressing national issues and it hosted a discussion of TV storylines that address cancer. Later this month, HH&S will recognize writers who created exemplary health storylines for TV shows at the annual Sentinel for Health Awards. Check out the 10 finalists here

Listen Whitey Popular Music Project
As part of the Lear Center's Popular Music Project, author Pat Thomas introduces his book, Listen, Whitey: The Music of the Black Power Era, 1965-1975, which explores music that influenced and was inspired by the Black Panther Party.

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