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Retirement Plan Fiduciary Toolkit 
The Department of Labor requires Plan Sponsors to fulfill Fiduciary duties.  G&W has developed a set of tools to help protect you from risk and build a successful retirement plan. 


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Benchmark the costs and services of your plan with industry averages and leading providers. 
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Independent resource for conducting mutual fund analysis.     
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Comprehensive participant retirement advice program that provides both savings and investment recommendations.
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NewsletterApril, 2011
2011 Retirement Confidence Survey Results 

In a sign that Americans are recognizing the realities they face about their changes for a comfortable retirement, The 2011 Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) finds workers are more pessimistic than at any time in the two decades the RCS has been conducted.  A few of the results:

  • "Not Confident" Up:  More than a quarter of American workers say they are "not at all confident" about having enough money for retirement.  This is an all-time high for this category.    
  • "Very Confident" Down:  Only 13% are saying they are "very confident" of a comfortable retirement.  This ties for an all time low for this category.
  • Drawing on Savings:  A third of Americans say they had to tap an IRA, 401(k), savings or investment accounts, or had to take a loan against those accounts. 
  • 42% Guessing:  Well over a third say they determined their retirement savings needs by guessing. 
  • Delayed Retirement:  A significant number of workers (20%) say they now intend to retire later than they had planned.

Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute


Gardner & White's Participant Advice Program through Financial Soundings is a proven method to increase retirement confidence. 


Gardner & White Case Study


Financial Soundings Retirement Planning Insights

403(b) Universal Availability

The Universal Availability requirement states that once a plan sponsor gives any employee the opportunity to make an elective salary deferral, all employees must be given that same opportunity, with limited exceptions.  A mistake in this area may lead to the entire 403(b) plan losing its tax-deferred status.  In order to avoid disqualification, Plan Sponsors are required to provide written meaningful notice to all eligible employees at least once per year. 


The following Gardner & White article offers critical compliance information related to Universal Availability.


Compliance Strategies for a Dynamic New Regulatory Requirement

Federal Group Health Plan

Notifications and Filings

Certain health plan notifications are required at four triggering points:

  1. Upon Eligibility for Health Plan (in enrollment packet)
  2. Upon Enrollment in the Health Plan
  3. Annually
  4. Upon Coverage Termination 

Use the following resource for federally required group health plan notifications and filings:


Source: NFP Benefits Partners

State By State Guide to PCIP

(Federal Health Insurance Risk Pool)

In July, 2010, the health reform bill created the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Plan (PCIP) to provide health insurance coverage to uninsurable citizens. Currently, 24 states (including District of Columbia) administer their own PCIP program. The federal government and HHS run the program on behalf of the remaining states.


Eligibility for PCIP is based on the following criteria:

  • Legal citizen of the United States
  • Uninsured for 6-months prior to application
  • Denied an individual health insurance plan due to a pre-existing condition

State By State Guide (Source: Zane Benefits)


April 1, 2011 - House Subcommittee Votes to Defund Insurance Exchanges (Source: Beckers Hospital Review)

6 Issues Facing Hospital CEOs in 2011 and Beyond

The next few years should prove to be a challenging time in healthcare - a veritable "perfect storm" of consolidation, IT implementation, payment changes and physician integration. At the 2010 Huron Healthcare CEO Forum, CEOs from top healthcare organizations discussed their
top priorities for the next few years, as well as their tactics for dealing with upcoming challenges.


Source: Beckers Hospital Review

This e-newsletter is provided free of charge and is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information of a general nature.  If you have specific legal questions uniquely related to your organization, the services of an attorney should be sought.  You are welcome to reprint this material with credit given to GARDNER & WHITE.