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Save the Date: Strategic Planning Town Hall Meeting October 17

Dear Colleagues and Students,
Over the past few weeks, the Strategic Planning Committee has held (or will soon hold) several "internal stakeholder forums" among the academic departments and professional staff. (Two additional ones will soon be held-- one for undergraduates and another for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.) There, we asked for your thoughts in response to several broad questions:
  • What important strategic issues does the College face-- the priorities for its strategic plan to address?
  • What is the College's current identity? What would you like it to be known for?
  • What do you hope the College will be like in ten years? What would transform it?
The Strategic Planning Committee has posted brief summaries of the discussions on the strategic planning website, but these barely do justice to your wide-ranging suggestions, proposals and dreams for what the College might become over the next ten years.
To build on this wealth of ideas, we are inviting you to an all-College, town-hall meeting to learn more about what your colleagues, co-workers and classmates are thinking. Come join us on Wednesday, October 17 at 12:00 noon in the Mitchell Auditorium. Lunch will be available at 11:30am in the Bossone Lobby.
At this session, we'll provide a short overview of the common themes from the forums and ask for your reactions to and further thoughts about them-- all of which we'll take careful note of for the SPC's continued work on our Strategic Plan. Dean Joe Hughes and President John Fry will also speak briefly about their expectations for the planning process and the College's future.
Refreshments will be served; ideas will contend; and you'll be part of the College, and Drexel's bright future. We hope to see you there.    
Jon Spanier 

 Dr. Jonathan Spanier                                                                                                               
Associate Dean


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